IELTS Test Fee

How Much Will IELTS Cost You

IELTS Cost Factor

IELTS is one of the most economical tests to take in the world. In order to save on any extra costs on the test fee, it is better that you register as early as possible in order to avoid late registration fees. Paying the fee is an important part of the registration process, without which your registration for the test remains incomplete. You will need to first find the right test center for yourself from the official website. See if the test center has the dates for your desired module: Academic or General Training. Next, you will need to pay your fees in order to register for the test.

How Much Will IELTS Cost You?

Both IELTS Academic and General Training modules cost the same. In fact, the test has standardized fees all over the world. Since you will have to pay in your currency, you need to use the ‘IELTS Worldwide Search’ in order to determine which center is closest to you. You will need to check for the ‘IELTS Worldwide Search’ for paying the test fee and to get information about your nearest testing center. You will find the link to the ‘IELTS Worldwide Search’ in the IELTS official website. The fee has been revised recently. The registration fee for taking the test in the United States is $160 and £110 in the UK. You need to use this as a standard and calculate how much this test would cost you according to your currency exchange rates. For example; according to this rate, the fee will be Rs. 7,200/- in India.

There are various ways to pay your test fee, the most convenient way to pay your fee is via a credit card. You can do this by registering online and paying the fee by credit cards. In order to pay your fee by credit card (online payment mode), you can also visit your nearest IELTS test centre to acquire all the required information. There are other ways of paying the fee like payment through cheques or demand drafts, but the modes of payments differ from country to country. Remember that paying your test fee alone does not register you for test; you need to duly submit your application form along with your photographs in order to complete your registration. Incomplete application forms can lead to cancellation of your registration. To know more about the process of registering click on the following link:

Additional Fees

In case you want to postpone or cancel your test, you need to take a decision at least 5 weeks before the scheduled test date. If your cancellation occurs more than 5 weeks before the test, you will receive a partial refund on the fee minus the administration cost. However, if your cancellation occurs within 5 weeks of the scheduled date of the test, you will be charged the full fee. There are exceptions to this case, i.e. if you state a medical reason. You need to submit your medical certificate within 5 days of the scheduled test date and you will get your refund after deducting the administration cost.

Remember that if you are unable to appear on the test day, without giving any prior notification of your absence, you will lose the entire fee you had paid for taking test. Thus, if you are unwell and you know beforehand that you will be unable to attend the exam, it is a better option to produce a medical certificate within 5 days of the exam to avoid unnecessary loss of money.

Finally, in order to avoid last minute confusion on payment and registration details, it is better to plan well ahead on your agenda to take the IELTS.