Sample Questions for IELTS


IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an internationally recognized test which assesses your skills at reading, writing, speaking and listening in English. It is jointly developed and conducted by the University of Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Examinations, British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia. The test is taken by candidates who wish to enter English speaking countries like the UK,the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia etc for the purpose of studies, work or immigrations. This test is for those candidates for whom English is the second language. Scoring high in this test needs careful planning. Standardized test like IELTS can be best prepared by practice. The sample IELTS questions will help you to build concepts of the test. These samples give you practice so that you can perform well in an actual exam. By practicing samples, you can definitely increase your score by few points.

IELTS Test Pattern

There are two different IELTS test modules, Academic module and General Training module. If you wish to study at a university in an English speaking country then you need to take the Academic module. However, if you are looking for a career avenue in these countries or if you want to immigrate to these countries then you have to take General Training module. A candidate can take only one module at a time. The test consists of four sections. They are reading writing, listening and speaking. Both the modules have all the four sections. But reading and writing sections are different for both the modules of the test. Each section of the test is scored on a scale of 0 to 9. The final score is calculated by averaging the score of each section on a scale of 0 to 9.

IELTS Sample Questions

Sample questions for IELTS are very useful for you to understand the pattern of the test. The best strategy to start your preparation for any competitive exam is by knowing your level of aptitude. For this you should access the sample questions available on the test and try to solve them. Practice questions are available at various web sites. The official web site of the test offers free practice questions. Some of the other web sites are as follows:

Let us know more about these questions based on each section of the test.

Academic Module: Reading Section

It is made up of three sections of 40 questions. You are given 60 minutes to solve this section. This section is nothing but a test of reading comprehension. Here you are given three passages of about 500 to 900 words each and need to answer the questions based on them. The passages are given in an increasing order of difficulties. The question types are multiple choices, summary/table completion, matching causes with effects etc.

Academic Module: Writing Section

Here you are given two pieces of writing for total of 60 minutes. The first writing sample is about describing the given graph or figure in 150 words. These figures can be any type of a chart or a graph. The charts can be of types bar, line, pie etc. You need to summarize the information given in it. A practice question on this section is:

A bar chart describing the population increase on Y axis and a per capita income on x axis over 50 years.

In the second part of writing section, you are given a statement and asked to give your opinion about it in 250 words. You need to write it in 40 minutes. We give you a sample question here as:

Women literacy is directly responsible for the development of the whole family. Do you agree or disagree?

General Training Module: Reading Section

This section is made up of three sub sections with total of 40 questions. You need to solve them in 60 minutes. All the sub sections are in the increasing order of difficulties. The questions are based on multiple choice, true-false, sentence completion, short answer, matching list etc.