Results of IELTS

How Can You See Your IELTS Results

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a standardized test that is designed to evaluate a test taker’s ability and proficiency in the English language. People who aspire to live, study, work or migrate to an English speaking country are required to take this test and prove competencies in English through the achievement of the required score. The test has four parts of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Each and every part of the test plays a crucial role towards your results. You should ensure thorough preparedness in all parts of the test if you wish to achieve a high score. Each test taker receives one copy of the results which he should keep safe and secure. All necessary information about the  result is available on the official website at You will find explanations below that will help you understand how you can see your result and what information it would convey.

    • Allottment of Scores

Each of the four parts of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening are allotted points on score band of 1-9 points. Each of these scores will then contribute to your points on the overall score band. The overall score band also ranges between 1-9 points. Points reported on the score report as whole bands or half bands. This means that your result could report either a whole number or a decimal number. For instance you could have a whole band score of 7.0 or you could achieve a half band score of 7.5. More information about score bands and the hierarchy of competency they symbolize is available at

    • The Information Your Score Report Delivers

There are fours parts of information delivered to you on your score report. The first part gives you your individual score for each of the four parts of the test. The second part of information tells you your overall score which is a combination of all the individual scores you achieved on the test. The third piece of information is if you have completed the test you appeared for and the fourth part displays your photograph along with your first language, nationality and date of birth. To read more about the same visit

    • Receiving the Score Report at Your Address

The test’s results are sent to students’ addresses through post thirteen days after they have taken the test. A student should ensure that he stores his test results with caution as you can not obtain a duplicate copy. You can have your scores automatically sent to five universities for free. Additional copies of your scores would cost a nominal administration fee. To read more information about receiving your results visit Be sure to read about the score bands and what each of them stands for. They are a direct representation of a test taker’s performance on the test. Reading about them will help you interpret the information that is provided to you.

You should note that your test scores are valid for up to two years. Some universities may ask you to re-take the test. Test results have in-built measures that prevent anybody from making a duplicate or fake copy. Institutions also have access to an online database which allows them to cross-check the authenticity of a student’s IELTS result. Many students choose to re-sit the test. Information about re-sitting the test is available at It gives you tips and guidelines that you should consider before you book another test date.