Reading Exercises for IELTS

IELTS Reading Exercises That You Should Consider

IELTS tests your English language proficiency by testing your ability to perform well in all the crucial areas of a language. The four main aspects on which a language is dependent upon are the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. These four crucial aspects of any language form the four test areas  in which you are tested. Of them, Reading is an important test area where you need to perform well following article provides you with some online preparation sources to the reading exercises to deal the Reading test area of IELTS well.

IELTS Reading Test

Primarily, let us know about the question types and the way in which the questions need to be answered. It consists of three sub-sections with each of them containing texts based upon which the questions in that particular sub-section need to be answered. The nature of these texts slightly differs for the Academic and the General Training Reading test of IELTS.

Each sub-section of the Academic Reading test consists of one long text that is usually taken from topics of general interest. The first sub-section of the General Training Reading test consists of two or three short passages. The second sub-section consists of two short texts and the third sub-section consists of one long complex text. By reading and interpreting the given texts, you must be able to answer all the given 40 questions within the allotted time of 60 minutes.

IELTS Reading Exercises That You Must Consider

You can find many reading exercises over the Internet. However, you must not waste time by practicing each of them. You must be choosy while practicing the exercises. You must always select passages that are long and contain factual information that is difficult to interpret. This will help you to practice for difficult texts. Further, you must also try to find the original previous Reading texts. Such exercises will certainly help you know the type of questions asked in the exam thereby helping you to identify the difference between the good and bad reading exercises.

Practicing as many exercises as possible will help you gain more competence over the Reading section. You have 60 minutes for the Reading section, in which you must read and understand the given texts along with answering 40 of the given questions. For this, you must be very skilled. You must be fast, focused and must be more concentrated. The following are a few links to some good reading questions that will help you gain competence over the Reading test.

Links and Reviews to Free IELTS Reading Materials

    • The following link refers you to a free preparation website, Study AU. You can find vast preparation support for your preparation here, all for free. On this particular page, you can find a list of reading exercises that are selected by experts. Uniquely, you can find the texts categorized into different sections in the order of their difficulty. You can select the ones from which you would wish to practice and then ascend to a higher difficulty level in order to improve your skills further.
    • Exam English is a renowned website that provides English learners with free practice exercises. This website covers all the different types of question formats. In this website, you can find plain reading exercises that have simple passage texts as well as passages that provide you with numerical data, which you must interpret. You can refer to the following link:
  • IELTS Help Now is yet another website that provides ample free preparation material for your practice. Different question types are reviewed. You can improve your competence over all the sections of the test following this website. Refer to this link to visit the website: