Online Aids for IELTS Listening

Online Practice for IELTS Listening Test

Among the four skills that are tested in IELTS, the Listening test is the same for both the Academic as well as the General Training modules. The Listening test is of 30 minutes duration and will be conducted on the same day as the Reading and Writing tests. This part of the test consists of four sections with ten questions in each section. These questions can be in the form of multiple-choice, matching, diagram labelling, sentence completion etc and are based on situations that occur in social, educational and training context. In order to understand the format followed in Listening test, you can get a sample of Listening test online if you log onto their official website-

Why is Online Practice for IELTS Listening Test Important?

The record in the Listening test is played only once hence, if you are not familiar with the diction, pronunciation and accent played on the record, you could miss out on important details. While you can practice for the Listening test from a radio or a television, the best source for your preparation is the internet where you can prepare for the  test and there are many online sources which even offer free practice. It is important that you take as many practice tests as possible, through online as you will be listening to a whole range of accents which can also include those from Britain, America, New Zealand and Australia. Some sites which can help you prepare for the  test online are given below:

British Council Online Resources

The British Council’s LearnEnglish website helps you prepare for IELTS with lots of online practice activities for Listening tests. If you register for IELTS online with the British Council you will receive a free practice resource “Road to IELTS Online” which includes Listening tests along with the writing and reading exercises and there are also mock tests to prepare you for the exam. Besides preparing you for the  test, there is also a comprehensive range of practice materials available at British Council’s iTunes University site, to improve your general English listening skills. For more on this online resource log onto:

Scott’s English Success

Scott’s English Website is a popular online resource for first timers as well as those who want to improve their band scores for IELTS. It provides online practice test for Listening lessons with audio and transcripts. Moreover, you can get a lot of online practice tests under simulated exam conditions, thus building up your confidence for the real thing. There are two types of subscriptions available, the Standard and the Premium subscription. For more details log onto:

Canada Visa.Com

This site is especially useful for those planning to migrate to Canada. Not only do they clear your doubts with regard to immigration purposes, they also provide you with 8 free IELTS practice tests out of which two practice tests are for the listening skills. Since they are prepared by IELTS professionals, these tests will be on similar pattern as that of IELTS. For free practice tests on Listening you can log onto you feel the need for more practice you can subscribe to their Online Preparation Course which also includes practice for Listening test. For more details log onto

IELTS Listening Skill, Free Preparation

Although there are a good number of sites which prepare you for the Listening section online, the number of free sites for preparation of Listening test is limited. You can check on the sites given below as they offer free preparation for the  test.

When you are attempting the Listening section read the questions carefully in order to understand what is expected of you. Only when you are ready, should you press the record and since the record is played only once try to keep your nerves otherwise, in your nervousness you could make irrevocable mistakes. You will be given extra 10 minutes to copy your answers to the answer sheet so do not waste time entering the answers during the recording session.