Study Guides for The ICTS

Advantages of Studying from an ICTS Study Guide

Candidates preparing for the Illinois Certification Testing System (ICTS) on their own, usually follow a study guide, to help them with the preparation. Self-study or preparing with the help of a study guide can prove to be quite advantageous, because you can prepare for the test at your own pace. Moreover, if the book that you are following comes with a CD ROM (with mock tests), then you can get a first hand experience of the time constraints that you will face during the actual test. So let’s learn about some of the study guides…

Utilizing a Study Guide – to the Maximum!

If you visit your local bookstore or community library, you will find that there are a large number of guide books available. How then do you understand, which one will prove to be most beneficial and advantageous for you? The reviews given below will discuss the essential features of some of the better known study guides. This subsequently will help you realize the advantages of studying from one.

  • ILTS Mathematics 115 Teacher Certification Test Prep Study Guide: teacher certification exam: When preparing for the ICTS, you will find that Mathematics is an important part of the entire ICTS test battery. You will have to solve questions on Mathematics in the TAP, ATP and the Content Area tests. This particular study guide has different types of Math questions, catering to all the topics covered under Mathematics, in the afore-mentioned tests of the ICTS test battery. Thus, if you require help with Mathematics this book will prove to be most advantageous for you. This book also has a number of practice questions, so that you get firsthand experience of the type of questions you will have to solve in the final test. Hence, if you want to make maximum utilization of this study guide, then complete all the practice questions in the book.
  • ILTS Assessment of Professional Teaching Tests 101-104 Teacher Certification Test Prep Study Guide: This is ideal for you, if you want to develop your educational skills. The ICTS will evaluate these skills through the ATP tests and you can learn more about pedagogical skills, how to develop them etc. through this guide. This book consists of a number of chapters that will teach you the nuances of educational and academic skills. The book also has chapters that will teach you strategies regarding the development of pedagogical skills. Thus, this book will prove to be most advantageous if you want to become an educator of merit.
  • ICTS Basic Skills & Elementary/Middle Grades w/CD-ROM (ICTS Teacher Certification Test Prep): This book will prove to be most advantageous for candidates who want to become middle or elementary school teachers. If you are a like-minded candidate, you can consider studying from this book. Moreover, it is designed to cater to the needs of students who want to ace the ATP tests of the battery of tests. You must study the chapters in the book, reviewing the topics covered in the ATP tests and solve all the practice tests, to ensure that you make maximum use of the book.

The above-mentioned list outlines the essential features of some of the better known guides. It will also help you understand how to make maximum use of a study guide and the utility of following a single one.

Choosing a Suitable Study Guide

The choice of a guide depends upon the requirements of the candidate. For example, if you think that you need to practice in order to ace the test; then choose a study guide that has a number of mock ICTS tests. Similarly, if you require in-depth knowledge of the topics covered in the examination, then you should choose a study guide accordingly. You will find that the book that caters to most of your requirements is the most advantageous for your ICTS preparation.

Following a Study Guide

Once you have chosen a study guide that you want to follow, ensure that you strictly adhere to the instructions given in it. The study guide will also help you identify your weaknesses and then you can develop strategies to overcome them. So study the reviews given in the first section of this article and then identify your requirements. After that choose a study guide accordingly, so that you can get the maximum advantage by studying from that particular book.