Details of the Test Dates for HSPT

The Best Time to Take HSPT

Selection of the High School Placement Test (HSPT) dates is almost as essential, as preparing well for the examination. If you are a prospective high-school student and are soon going to take the HSPT, then ensure that you have selected the dates after careful consideration. This article will help you with the selection of test dates, by providing you guidelines regarding the best time to take the test.

Want to Know About the Test Dates?

This examination is held twice a year, so that you can begin high-school at the earliest. The Scholastic Testing Services (STS) conducts the test, to facilitate the high-school admission process, both for students and schools. The following list will help you understand the nuances of test dates and subsequently, choose the best time to take the test:

  • Annual examination dates: The STS organizes the examination first in spring and then again in fall of the same year. Hence, depending on the time you want to start high-school, you should select the correct test date. For example, if you want to start high-school early next year, then you should take the test in the fall of this year. This will give you ample time to take the test, receive the score card and approach the high-school of your choice accordingly.
  • Get in touch with high-school admission authorities: This test is usually held within the premises of the school. Before you select a test date, you should get in touch with the admissions authority of the high-school you want to study in. They will be able to guide you regarding this selection and inform you about the best time to take admission in the high-school of your choice. Another point to remember, at this juncture, is that the eligibility criteria for admission varies from school to school. So you should find out all details regarding the admission process and eligibility criteria, before you choose suitable atest date.
  • Prepare well for the examination: Students often suffer from a misconception that merely revising all that you have studied is school is sufficient, to ace the test. It is true that the HSPT is based on subjects taught in school, but you should prepare well for the examination. This test will evaluate not only your academic knowledge, but also your ability to apply it. You will also come across questions in the test that will analyze your ability to think critically. Hence, proper preparation and practice are the two most important criteria required, to ace the test. Hence, you should select a date only after you are convinced that you will be able to achieve high scores in the examination.
  • Find out about the type of HSPT that you have to take: There are two types of HSPT, viz. ‘open’ and ‘close’. The type of exam that you have to take depends upon the school that you are applying to. So, get in touch with the respective authority of the high-school of your choice and find out about the type of test that you have to take.

The above-mentioned list will help you in the selection of a suitable test date, because these are the primary points to consider during the selection process. If you want to know more about the examination, then click on the following link:

Re-taking the Test

Students can take the HSPT twice and if this your second attempt at the examination, then you should select date for the test accordingly. However, remember that STS maintains a record of both of your attempts. Other than that, when considering your admission application, schools will take into account the lower level of scores. Hence, you should re-take the test only after careful consideration of its pros and cons.

Preparing for the test

Proper preparation is the only method by which you can be assured of high marks in the examination. Thus, before you select the test date you should take the advice of you course coordinator/mentor or tutor. If you are preparing for HSPT on your own, then seek the advice of your school teachers and parents, regarding the selection of test dates. Also, take into account the points mentioned in the list in the first section and of this article before you choose a test date.