Methods of Registration for HSPT

Methods for HSPT Registration

Registering for examinations can prove to be quite confusing, without certain amount of prior preparation and this test is no exception to this rule! So before you begin registering for the HSPT, ensure that you have found out all the details about the procedure to be followed. To aid you in this, certain pointers regarding the process have been discussed in the following sections of this article.

Registering for the Test – Some Important Aspects

The registration method to be followed depends on the high-school that you are applying to. For example, for certain schools, it is mandatory that you register earlier for the tests, whereas some schools do not require prior registration. Hence, before you even commence preparing for the test, you should get in touch with the admissions authority of the high-school of your choice and get to know about the registration process followed by them. If you are wondering how to register for the test, then the following list will solve the dilemma:

  • Choose a test date: The examination is held within the premises of the school that you are applying to. Nevertheless, the dates on which the test will be administered will depend on the school that you are applying to. When you begin registration, ensure that you have found out the exact test dates. Usually, the schools hold the test on more than one day. So after you have all details regarding the test dates and timings, select the one that is most suitable for you.
  • Score card availability: The score card is made available for viewing for an entire year. In other words, schools can access your score card for a whole year, through the Scholastic Testing Services (STS) website. During registration, ensure that you select the schools or educational organizations that you want to send your score card to. Sometimes individual high-schools have this option within the registration form itself, otherwise you should get in touch with respective schools you want to apply to.
  • Registration fees: The registration fee is decided by individual schools. Hence, you must get in touch with the respective authorities of the high-school that you want to study in, regarding this. Your application will be completed only after the payment of the entire registration fees. Most of the schools allow online registration and payment of fees. Hence, you can pay the fees with the help of a valid credit or debit card.

The above-mentioned list will help you understand the various aspects of the modes of registration. The following sections of this article will help you get more acquainted with the registration process.

Some Links

The best method of gaining firsthand experience of this process is by checking out the websites of some high-schools and their online registration procedure. For your benefit some links have been mentioned below:

Study the registration requirements for each of the above-mentioned schools to get a better understanding of the overall process.

Remember to..

Complete the process at the earliest. Most high-schools, especially the Catholic ones, receive numerous applications in a year. If you want your application to receive due consideration, ensure that you apply as early as possible. Moreover, if you are keen to begin high-school timely, then you should finish the registration and take the test at the earliest possible date. Most schools do not entertain mid-term applications.

Another point to remember, while registering for HSPT, is that seats for the test are limited. Hence, if you want to be assured of a seat on the date of your choice, make certain that you complete the registration procedure early.

So go through the different aspects  as mentioned in the first section of this article. After that, study the links to evaluate the registration processes followed by each school. Once you have done all this, get in touch with the authorities of the high-school of your choice and complete the registration process.