Information on Preparation for HSPT

4 Methods to Prepare for HSPT

The High School Placement Test (HSPT) can prove to be quite challenging, if you are not well-prepared for it. If you are an eighth-grader and are going to take the HSPT in the near future, then ensure that you have chosen a good mode to prepare from. Proper preparation alone will ensure good results and to help you select a method for studying, the following section of this article will outline the features of some common methods of preparation.

How Can You Prepare for HSPT?

Although, the choice of the method depends entirely on you, you must still consider all the modes of preparation, before you select one. Some of the common methods are…

    1. Classroom sessions:

      Since the HSPT will test the knowledge that you have gathered in school, it is a good idea to enroll in classroom sessions that will help you revise all that you have studied. Such means of studying are offered by institutes like Kaplan ( or ( Sometimes schools also hold preparatory classes and if you want to attend them, you should get in touch with the respective authorities of your school.

    2. Online sessions:

      If you do not want to travel far for classes, then you can consider enrolling in an online course. Again, institutes like offer such online preparatory courses. However, before you enroll in an institute, check out the manner in which they are going to conduct the online course. In other words, you should find out whether they will hold online classroom sessions or whether they have interactive sessions with tutors, etc. Before you enroll, ensure that the course meets your requirements.

    3. Self-study:

      Sometimes students feel confident enough about preparing on their own, because the test will primarily evaluate the knowledge that you have gathered in eight years of school. If you are a like-minded student and want to do self-study, then it is a good idea to purchase some good preparatory books. Make certain that the books you purchase cover all sections of the test and provide you with sufficient number of practice questions. Since sample tests are available to high-schools only, it is difficult to predict the exact nature of the questions. A good book will provide you with a number of practice multiple-choice questions, modeled on the lines, of the ones you will come across in the actual test.

    4. Hiring a tutor:

      If you are not confident about your preparation and feel that you require personal attention, then you can consider hiring a tutor. Institutes like Saso High School Prep ( ) and Redwood Prep ( ) provide tutors. You should check out the credentials of the tutor, before you enroll in his/her class. The positive factor about hiring a tutor is that his/her attention will always be on you and will not be distracted by other students, like in a classroom session. However, hiring a tutor can be expensive, so it is best that you find out in detail about the help offered by tutors, before you hire one.

The above-mentioned list outlines some of the common methods of studying for the test. The following sections of this article will help you understand your options better!

Choosing a Course…

Before you choose a method, identify your requirements and try to analyze what you expect from a particular preparatory method. For example, if you feel you can diligently prepare on your own then you should proceed accordingly. However, if you feel you require a mentor to monitor your preparation and progress, then you should either enroll in an online/classroom course or hire a tutor.

Take Note of…

You should find out the services that a particular institute or tutor provides, before choosing one. For example, if you require help with registering for the test, make certain that the method you choose will help you in this regard. No examination can be aced without preparation and HSPT is no exception to the rule. So weigh out your requirements, understand the services provided, as well as, the method of instruction of each type of course and then choose one that you find most suitable.