HOBET Testing Locations

Where to Take the HOBET?

Colleges/schools conduct the HOBET for screening candidates applying for admission in various health occupation courses in their colleges. Students have to register for the test at these locations, and later take their test from these locations only. Test centers are available throughout the United States of America. Hence, the students have to correspond with the colleges conducting these examinations, across the USA, for earning eligibility to take this examination at their desired site.

Some of the test sites conduct the test in the computerized, web and paper-based formats, while others do not conduct the test in all these three formats. The students have to inquire about the formats of this examination that are available at the centers in which they are interested, register at center that conduct this examination in a suitable format, and take the test at those testing centers, accordingly.

Test Locations

Discussed below are certain points about choosing test centers that students should consider before selecting one of them for appearing for this examination. The center that a student chooses should:

  • Be Approved By ERI (ATI) – This examination should be taken at designated centers that are approved by the ERI (Educational Resources Incorporated) and more recently, the ATI (as ERI has now merged with ATI). The students should personally get in touch with the test administration authorities regarding their approved site and apply for taking this test only from those locations. The sites that are not approved by the test administering authorities (http://eriworld.com/) should not be considered by the students at any cost.
  • Offer Pertinent Health Occupation Courses – The sites for admission in various health occupation courses will be different, as different colleges offer different professional courses pertaining to health care. Thus, the students have to identify colleges that offer the health occupation courses that interest them, and take this examination at those locations, as these colleges will be evaluating their performance for admission.
  • Charge ATI/ERI Approved HOBET Fees – As different centers vary in their fee specifications for conducting this examination, the students should take this examination at testing centers that charge reasonable examination fees, and not at the ones that charge exorbitantly for this examination. In case of doubts regarding the fees charged by a testing center, one should inquire about the appropriateness of the fee quoted by the respective testing center at relevant ATI/ERI offices.
  • Offer Favorable Testing Dates – The students should take the HOBET in locations that have dates of this examination available to them at their most favorable time for taking this examination. They should inquire about the testing dates available, at the time of registration, and choose a date that is most suitable for them. However, check with the college authorities (of the college that you want to join) whether or not they will accept the scores of a test taken elsewhere.
  • Arrange for the Test in a Compatible Format – The HOBET is conducted in the paper-based, computer-based and web-based formats. This examination is, hence, best taken at schools/colleges that arrange for testing the students in the students’ preferred formats out of the three provided format options.
  • Have Favorable Test Retaking Rules – The retest norms differ from college to college. Most colleges allow retaking this examination once, but others allow retesting for more number of times. Moreover, the time gap that has to be maintained between subsequent retakes also differs for different colleges. Hence, one should carefully gather information about test–retaking rules for the test, and choose a testing location that has test-retaking rules that are in compliance with their test-retaking preferences.
  • Be Convenient to Reach – The test should be taken in places that are convenient for students to reach on the day of the examination.


The center plays an important role in the performance of students in this examination. This is because, students are in anxiety before and while appearing for this examination; hence, they should choose testing venues that are conveniently located from their places of residence, and are also known to the examinees prior to taking this examination. Moreover, it is advised that before taking the exam, the students should visit their selected center, often, to gain complete information about the rules and requirements of these testing centers and to acquaint themselves with these locations, to reduce their examination anxiety.