Preparation for the HOBET

Things to be Kept in Mind While Preparing for HOBET

Preparation is a key part of the studies that aspirants of health occupations undergo for taking the HOBET (Health Occupations Basic Education Test). This test is taken by all students across the United States of America, for securing admission in colleges offering health occupation courses, as these colleges utilize the scores to screen candidates for granting admission in their courses. As this examination is a very competitive one, students who perform exceptionally well in it can expect to stand out in the competition against their peers for admission in desired courses, and in their desired colleges.

Preparing for the HOBET

Preparation for the test can be best discussed in the context of its individual sections. This examination has 4 core sections (Mathematics, Science, English Language Usage, and Reading Comprehension). There are other sections, some of which test stress and intelligence levels of the students. However, the administration of the individual content areas is at the discretion of the colleges at which the student takes this examination.

Steps for Preparing for the HOBET:

  1. The Students should Register Compulsorily – As the first step towards taking this test, registration is a mandatory requirement, as walk-ins are not allowed. The students should correspond with the colleges that test them in the content areas that are required for admission in the courses that they desire. Timely completion of registration means having a free mind to focus on the test preparation as such.
  2. The Students should Know Their Testing Areas – The advantage of this is that most colleges only conduct a few of the tests, according to the admission requirements of the health occupation courses they offer. Hence, a wise and time-saving strategy on the students’ part would be, to first confirm from the college authorities the individual tests that they have to take, and then prepare for only those tests.
  3. The Students Should Prepare for Independent Content Areas, as shown below:
      1. Mathematics – This content area tests the students’ basic computational skills in the subjects of Arithmetic and Algebra. Clarification of concepts and taking timed practice tests are the recommended steps for this section.
    1. Science Reading Comprehension – This section requires test-takers to have a command over basic 10th grade Science concepts. The students should have a good understanding of Scientific Diction, Good Reading Rate, Good Vocabulary and English Grammar, in order to score well in it.
    2. Written Expression – This content area aims to test students’ knowledge of English Language Grammar, Punctuation, Spellings and Pluralization concepts. One should practice the questions in this section, with the aim of perfecting these language skills.
    3. Basic Science Concepts and Vocabulary – This section tests the students’ knowledge and vocabulary levels in Science. This is a test of academic competency, and requires consistent preparation, for an outcome of good performance in the test.

    More information about the content areas can be found at:

  4. The students should refer to Preparatory Books – The students should refer to books such as the ATI Allied Health HOBET V Package Study Manual and Online Practice Test (, which is an official study guide for this test. Guide books from other sources such as HOBET Study Guide 2013: Secrets to Outsmart the Exam ( are also very useful resources to prepare from.
  5. The Students should take the Help of Guides and Courses – Some colleges such as the Piedmont Technical College ( offer classes, which students can take to clarify their concepts of the subjects, and also learn effective test-taking tips from experts there.

Important Things to Bear in Mind While Preparing for HOBET

Mentioned below are some points that students should bear in mind while preparing for the test:

  1. The test does not specify a passing score; nevertheless, students should endeavor to perform well in this examination, as admission is given to only those candidates who perform exceptionally well in this examination.
  2. Each un-attempted answer is considered as a wrong answer and marked accordingly.
  3. For the academic content areas, students can take the help of the guides that are commonly available in the markets.
  4.  This is a very important examination, as it opens up a host of opportunities for the students; hence, one should take this examination seriously.
  5. Aspirants should always depend upon first-hand information about the test.


Preparing oneself for an exam is a task requiring a consistent and result-oriented approach. Hence, students should thus prepare for this examination, with sufficient time in hand, for learning and revising the learned content.