Details Regarding Study Guides for HOBET

How to Identify Good HOBET Study Guides?

The key to scoring well in any test is a good guidance book. The HOBET (Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test) is an examination, which is taken by health care profession aspirants in the USA, to test their suitability for this profession. This examination consists of a number of content areas, which can be attempted only after thorough and result-driven preparation, which can be made possible by following good test guides.

Popular HOBET Preparation Guides

This section reviews the popular preparation guides available:

  1. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Pass the HOBET V! (

    This preparatory book, from a publisher with an established track record of result-oriented books, consists of two sets of full practice sets with complete answer keys. This book, authored by a team of experts with established credentials, offers a number of diagnostic tools and test taking strategies for the test-takers. It also makes its readers aware of common mistakes made by students while taking the test, and effective methods to tackle them. The HOBET Study Plan and HOBET Study Schedule are very useful additions to this high-in-demand prep option.

  2. LearningExpress Health Occupations Entrance Exam (

    This book is aimed at result-oriented preparation, and provides a test planner, which students should follow in order to achieve fruitful results from their preparation. Two complete practice tests with answer keys, additional online test papers, diagnostic tests for identifying one’s strong and weak areas, and tips to overcome test-taking anxiety, make this study aid quite useful for its readers. Many health care professionals also seem to be referring to it.

  3. World Medical Publishing HOBET test (

    This guide has preparation instructions on the different content areas. An authentic guide from World Medical Publishing, this book contains only the core content that is required for gearing up for the test, without any publicity-hyped features which actually help little in achieving good results in the test. The book can be used along with other preparation books (the ones that offer more practice questions and test strategies) for more effective learning.

Identifying a Good HOBET Study Guide

There are a number of preparation guides available in the markets, but not all of them are successful in delivering all that they promise to. Hence, one should be aware of the characteristics of a good book, in order to select one for preparation for this test.

Given Below are the Characteristics of Good HOBET Study Guides:

  1. Written by Authoritative Authors – Books that are authored only by experts are found to be the most reliable in content. One must check if the study book that one wants to purchase is authored by persons who have passed the HOBET themselves and are experts in this test. Other highly qualified persons may be having the knowledge to write books, but may lack the expertise specifically meant for performing well in this examination.
  2. Focused on the HOBET or a Specific Content Area of This Examination – A preparatory book that is written only for preparing for this examination, and not generally written for preparing for a number of competitive examinations, can be considered to cover the content areas in greater depth than the other study guides. Hence, such study books are expected to yield good results.
  3. Contains Questions That are Tougher Than HOBET Questions- Practice questions that are tougher than the actual test questions, puts the students in a habit of answering tougher questions than those posed in the exam. The students thus trained, will find the questions easy in comparison to the questions he/she practiced, and answer them easily.
  4. Contains Adequate Number of Solved Test Papers – Guides with fully answered questions will be of immense help to students.
  5. Contains a Large Number of Timed Practice Tests and Study Plans – A test prep that prepares its reader for the exam, by offering a preparation schedule and timed practice tests, will be of immense help to readers in preparing using a methodical and consistent manner.
  6. Is Written in an Easily Understandable Language – Books that convey complicated concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, win more readership in comparison to those that contain a lot of incomprehensible technical language, though the content may be very authentic.


One should take the advice of experts in choosing a good preparatory method. It should also be borne in mind that the level of usefulness of a book to a test-taker varies, as individual test preparation requirements vary. Hence, one should buy a book after completely analyzing its utility for individualistic preparation requirements, rather than purchasing a guide, that is popular, but does not suit one’s individual requirements.