Reviews of Books for HOBET

Advantages of Studying from a HOBET Book

A good HOBET (Health Occupation Basic Entrance Test)  study guide is an absolute necessity for any candidate preparing for the examination. The colleges of USA that offer health occupation courses use scores to assess the merit of students applying to their colleges for admission in these courses. Hence, it is very important for students to score well in this examination by using appropriate resources to guide them in their preparation.

Reviews of Popular HOBET Study Books

Some popular guides are discussed below:

  • ERI-The HOBET Study Guide ( guide book is authored by Dr. Michael D. Frost and provides vital information pertaining to the test. This book provides a number of HOBET test-taking strategies and is published by none other than ERI, the official HOBET test administrator. This is a highly recommended book for preparation. Students can however, use other materials, along with this study guide, for effective preparation.
  • CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Pass the HOBET V! (  is also a good HOBET review book. It comes with commendable advantages. Firstly, the publishers of this book have a proven track record of publishing result-oriented books. Secondly, the authors of this book have authentic credentials. Thirdly, this book has two sets of full-length practice tests, with elaborate answer keys. Fourthly, it explains the common mistakes that HOBET test-takers make and the ways to solve them. An added advantage of this book is that it offers a  Study Plan and a Study Schedule, which the students can use for systematic preparation. The diagnostic tools and test-taking strategies are some more useful features of this book.
  • World Medical Publishing HOBET Test ( book contains instructions for preparing for the test and answering the questions. Published by publishers who are an authority in the field of health occupation, this guide book is authored with the motive of providing the most essential contents for taking the test, as the authors of this book respect the time of the students and provide content that is actually required for performing well in this examination. At the same time, this book does not have content that is hyped for marketing purposes.
  • LearningExpress Health Occupations Entrance Exam ( book comes with two sets of practice tests, and online test practicing resources, further. A test planner, diagnostic tools and tips for overcoming test-anxiety, are attractive features of this book.

Advantages of Studying from a HOBET Book

The Advantages of Studying from HOBET Books are as Follows:

  • They Provide Focused, Quick and Proven Test-taking Strategies – There are different sources of reviews that provide a quick and focused method of covering the  topics, so that students can prepare efficiently for this examination in a period of time that is shorter than the time taken for general preparation. Without this aid  a student will be spending a lot of time in collecting information about the test from different sources, studying content that may include stuff that is non-specific to the test, and experimenting with test-preparation strategies, some of which may be ineffective. Good quality review books usually, address all such issues, and contain material that is oriented towards a student’s performance in the exam.
  • They Provide a HOBET-Simulated Environment for Practicing – A superior quality material exposes the students to a simulated environment, so that they become familiar with the test-taking ambiance and perform well in this examination. Some review works provide online tests that are specifically meant for simulating the HOBET environment. These tests should be taken by the students to accustom themselves completely to the testing environment. The students should understand that familiarity with the actual test is very important as unfamiliarity in this regard stands the risk of posing challenges that the students may not be aware of, thus adversely affecting the performance of the students.


The review materials should have content of excellent quality, but presentation of this content in a compact and reader-friendly manner is also very important. Any good study guide will provide information in such a manner that students are able to understand it easily. Moreover, it should also get candidates acquainted with the type of questions asked in the examination.Eventually, the success of a review stuff is measured by the number of students who scored well in the test by following it.