Prep Courses for GRE

GRE Prep Courses for Comprehensive Preparation

The GRE test is taken by students who want to make applications to business or graduate schools. The test provides test takers with an evaluation of their competencies and skills that are pre-requisite to university level studies. The evaluation aids the test takers to display their skills through their scores and hence be considered for admissions in the schools they applied for. The test is conducted worldwide through dedicated testing centers and is administered in the computer-based format. Locations that do not have the computer-based administration of the test use paper-based testing. The test is divided into three sections of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. Questions under all three sections of the test screens test takers for different abilities and competencies. A detailed break-up of the test sections and their contents is available on the official website at

Preparing for the this test is not an easy feat. There are many concepts that are tested on the test and hence one has to be prepared as well as vigilant on the test day. The best way to prepare for the test is by signing up for preparation courses. These courses ensure that a student learns every concept that is tested on the test as well as that he is able to apply the knowledge he has learnt in a practical manner to come up with solutions to problems. These  courses vary in duration, intensity and subject areas depending upon the test taker’s choice. A person with a lot of time at hand may choose to take up a classroom course, while someone who is pressed for time could opt for one of the many online preparation courses available. You will find below detailed information about preparation courses for comprehensive preparation.

1. GRE Classroom Anywhere

Kaplan is well known for its comprehensive coaching solutions. This company seems to offer a test preparation solution for every need of a test taker. Kaplan offers  courses that can be taken in private, in a group setting or online. The GRE Classroom Anywhere is one of the online preparation courses available for students to prepare for the test. The course offers you everything you need to prepare for the test, ranging from study material, expert coaching, online knowledge-base, practice questions and mock tests. This is one of the few preparation courses that features a whole 8 mock tests so that the students can be sure of their abilities. To read more about this preparation solution visit

2. GRE Small Group Instruction

This is one of the preparation courses offered by The Princeton Review. The course is conducted by an expert instructor and each group consists of not more than 4 students. Since the course offers personalized attention each student receives feedback about their progress and guidance to improve in areas of weaknesses. The instructor also provides each student with personalized homework so as to encourage them to practice and improve on weaker concepts. The course consists of 21 hours of live instructions that explain all the concepts on the test and 7 computer-simulated mock tests. It also gives you access to study material that will help you learn and practice for the test. To read more about this and other courses by The Princeton Review visit

3. Barron’s Test Prep

This is another one of the available courses in the market. The course is meant for students who would like to study for the test by themselves. There are two types of accounts for preparation courses with Barron’s test prep; one is basic and the other is premium. Both these types of course accounts differ in features offered to the test taker depending upon the price. The premium accounts include personalized study plans, skilled reports and feedback, mock tests, over 100 video lessons and solutions and over 3000 practice questions for the test. To read more about both preparation courses visit

There are various other companies that provide preparation courses. If you are confident that you will be able to study for the test without signing up for one of the  courses then you could consider free material for test preparation. Always be careful about the material you use to prepare for the test as it will have a direct impact on your test score. Preparation courses are the most reliable method of preparing for the test. Personalized instruction helps a student learn from his mistakes.