PowerPrep for GRE

Everything you Need to Know about GRE Powerprep

One of the most favoured tests that are taken to qualify for education, especially in the English speaking countries, is the GRE test. It is an examination which is taken to qualify for a graduate program mainly in the United States and Canada. GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination and the chief administrator behind the test is ETS (Educational Testing Service).

ETS, through its website www.ets.org, provides test-takers with a lot of information and techniques about the test. The website is an exhaustive source of GRE information through which candidates taking the test can easily prepare for, and master, the test. One such great tool for assistance for  preparation, available on its website is the software called GRE PowerPrep. This can be called the mother of all preparation options that exist for the test because; this is coming from the source of the test itself. It is a self-preparatory software and a hub to get all the knowledge about the actual test.

A few aspects of GRE PowerPrep are as follows:

1. Needs to be downloaded…

This software needs to be downloaded from the official website www.ets.org. There are a few prerequisites that need to be taken care of before downloading. These prerequisites usually pertain to system requirements, audio-visual requirements etc. The details of these prerequisites are available at the link: http://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/prepare/powerprep2.

2. Bears semblance with the real test…

The GRE test does not have a set syllabus. The course of this test is vast and because of this indefinite course structure, ETS does not regularly publish any course content or preparation material for the test. There are a few resources that ETS provides but none is as efficient as PowerPrep.

It can be termed as the only tool to know the actual question formats and practice for the test as it will occur in the final run. The software not only helps in reviewing the preparedness of a test-taker but also helps to quantify or score the test while practicing for it. Candidates can know the process of scoring and the flow of the test as they practice on this software. It makes taking the final test, a cakewalk.

3. Helps in making a game-plan for the test…

This can be used as reference by candidates to make their own game-plan for the final test. They can answer the two practice tests given in the software and follow the process of scoring keenly. Time management techniques are also explained in the software.

It contains previous scores of candidates for reference. Once students get a hang of the techniques of scoring the tests and the novelty of the questions asked, they can align their preparation and monitor their progress with it.

4. Helps in choosing a prep course…

This software contains explanations of the answers to the test questions with directions that should be followed to improve them. Due to the thorough nature of these explanations, PowerPrep can be considered as the foundation for choosing between other courses that students may want to pursue for the preparation of GRE.

It is made available to candidates once they register for the test and they can also download it from the website free of cost. They should avail the options provided by the software before beginning their preparation in any other way. It is ideal, if candidates can go through the practice tests given in the software, before they start to prepare for the test. In this way, they can measure their strengths and weaknesses and work on them while they carry their test preparation any further.