GRE Issue Essay 89

Although many people think that the luxuries and conveniences of contemporary life are entirely harmless, in fact, they actually prevent people from developing into truly strong and independent individuals.

As per the author, people’s independence is deteriorated by use of modern facilities. In some aspects, this is true, as people have become more dependent. However, we cannot neglect the importance of many things in our lives. Moreover, despite the use of the facilities, humans are still very strong and independent beings. It is just that whenever people see some crimes happening around, they blame the luxurious and convenient life for the fecklessness, irresponsible behavior, and independence of contemporary individuals. However, it is not the luxuries and conveniences of contemporary life that hampers the healthy development of individuals; rather it is the attitudes one has of life and his personality that guides him through moral development.

Before discussing this topic, one should be clear about what luxury is. Luxury is something inessential and expensive but conducive to pleasure and comfort. In the modern times, people, especially the urban population, are enjoying the luxurious and convenient lives. Ironically, people in cities encounter much difficulty in developing themselves into truly strong and independent personalities in the modern “harmless” life. Technological advancement has brought humans many convenient facilities, which are useful if a person does not depend on them completely. These facilities help humans to overcome physical difficulties, which were otherwise hard to conquest by mere human power. Through luxuries, people could overcome difficulties caused by geography, weather, or time for example, car, cell phone, computer, airplanes etc. Cars and airplanes take people from one place to another in less time. However, people start depending on them too much. They get into the habit of using a car for just short trips to a store at a corner. They avoid walking down even short distances. People prefer to go to gyms instead of walking or riding a cycle.

Many people spend much of their time with facilities like television and habitually use mobile phones. These people get so much addicted to these things that absence of these facilities makes them feel insecure. However, this partial dependency does not prove that people are less strong or are weakened mentally or emotionally. A person with a strong personality and positive attitude toward life is always well prepared for any challenge and competition. While those with characteristic deficiencies or negative attitudes towards life are always blaming the luxuries or poverty for the failure without examining the actual causes that may be lying in themselves.

However, we cannot neglect the effect of the improved life on the developing of individual traits. Without proper guidance, today’s youth may well take it for granted that there is no necessity for hard work and responsibility since the convenient life is already at hand. Hence, they should be explained that improvement of life is the contribution of every individual’s hard work, and that no one deserves it unless he also does his contribution. In order to achieve the strength and soundness of personality, one should set up healthy attitudes to life and chasten himself through competitions and failures.