GRE Issue Essay 88

The stability of a society depends on how it responds to the extremes of human behavior.

We are living in a world where there are extremes of human behavior. On one hand we have violence, murders, terrorism, all of which not only menace the safety of people of the world, but also greatly influence the stability of societies. On the other hand we have people like Mother Teresa who serve people without any motive. It is somewhat true that the stability of a society depends on how it responds to the extremes of human behavior.

The author is right when he says that the human extremes are the foremost threat to social stability. The society consists of diverse kinds of people of different races, religions, vocations or interests. Hence, there are endless conflicts to varying degrees in the society that inevitably give rise to social disturbances. For example, in Middle East, because of religious conflicts, the Jews and Arabs have long been at war with each other. Thus, the society there seems to be faint and unstable as almost everyone is worried about the death descending upon them. The harmful extremes of human behavior do great harm to society and should be tackled effectively.

If the government cannot control the extremes of human behavior, it will ultimately result in great panic in the whole society. The government should use effective measures like catching and punishing the criminals. These methods help in reducing the extreme behaviors to some extent.

However, punishing the criminals is not the only way to increase stability in the society. Just punishing the criminals can temporarily reduce the happening of the extreme behaviors; however, it cannot eliminate these extremes from its root. The society should pay more attention to the main causes of incidents of extreme behaviors like poverty problems, inequity, and discrimination. People should analyze the motives and social problems, all of which may bring about the extreme behaviors. The more impoverished and inequitable the society is, the more likely the extreme behaviors will happen. Hence, it is important to curb the extreme behavior at the earliest. If we stop these behaviors from the very beginning, there will not be much suffering of human beings. One good example of the extreme behavior is Nazi Hitler, a typical human extreme who was obsessed with war and racism. He started the Second World War just because of his obsession with war and to satisfy his wish to rule the world. It caused a lot of human loss.

In order to build a stable and harmonious society, society should give its people equal right to vote, to receive education, to express his/her ideas freely and so on, without differentiating between men and women, white and black, rich and poor. Unless these deeply rooted social problems are eradicated, there is no way that the society will be able to eradicate the extremes of human behavior, since they are stirred by those social problems. Hence, the society should handle these problems with great responsibility.

The stability of a society depends not only on the society’s response to the extremes of human behavior but also on the way, the society resolves the social problems underlying the extremes of human behavior.