GRE Issue Essay 84

All nations should help support the development of a global university designed to engage students in the process of solving the world’s most persistent social problems.

It is true that these days there are more and more social problems and the problems related to law and order, which cannot be solved by one nation. To solve these problems all nations have to work together and there has to be complete communication between them. Therefore, the idea of having a global university that will engage students in solving the most persistent problems of the world is a good idea.

Many problems actually bother every country over the world, and require international communication and cooperation to solve them. Society and technology has developed so much that every country depends on other countries for its economy, culture, and environment. Problems like global warming, environmental pollution, energy crisis, terrorism threat are troubling people all over the world. Any one country cannot solve these problems on its own. Each country has to take respective responsibility. International cooperation is an effective way to handle international problems. The conflicts between different religions have caused many bloody events. If a global university is built then it will have students from all over the world and from all the religions. This will be good for the understanding between different cultures, societies, and religions.

It will be good to unite the strengths and forces of many nations to attack the world’s persistent problems. For example, many criminal problems like drug trafficking, pirates and smuggling often involves criminals of different countries. Hence, it needs cooperation between countries in attacking the global crimes. Students who will graduate from this global university will have more knowledge of other countries. It will help them to solve many persistent problems. The students from different countries would be able to discuss some commonly concerned problem, and exchange their viewpoints and thoughts.

However, building and running such a university would not be that easy. There are also some problems that cannot be ignored and need international endeavor to overcome them. Each country has different national and cultural interests and there will definitely be conflicts in handling them. However, students have to learn to cooperate and communicate in the best way to solve the conflicts. They have to keep their focus on the ultimate goal of solving global problems.

There are many examples when people from different countries have worked together to solve different problems. For example, the Kyoto Protocol to carbon dioxide emission problem, or the Green Peace Organization for environment and then we have WHO for health problems in the world. All these examples explain that international communication and cooperation is the only way to solve global problems. Hence a global university will prepare the youth to handle the problems of future. It will help them to understand the persistence and complexity of today’s social problems, and could impel them to find solutions that are more appropriate.

Hence, to build a global university to solve world’s problems is a suggestion of great value. The students of this university will get the power and opportunities they need to help solve the world’s problems. Hence, it should be supported by all nations.