GRE Issue Essay 76

“It is more important to allocate money for immediate, existing social problems than to spend it on long-term research that might help future generations.”

The present is always a consequence of the past and the base for the future. It is true that a state of perfection is reached only when we get rid of all our social problems. However, we can never rid ourselves of social problems. Nonetheless, even a little effort made today ensures future benefits. I believe that where allocating money is important for improving our present, it is equally important to invest in our future.

No nation is free from social problems. The type and intensity of the problems varies from nation to nation. For instance, social problems in America include drug abuse, racial discrimination, deterioration of family values etc. whereas in developing countries, these problems are in the from of unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, hunger, etc. It is important that every nation spends sufficient amount of money to eradicate such social problems. It is only the government of a country that can create jobs for the unemployed, provide food for the hungry, facilitate education, rehabilitate drug addicts etc. Besides it is a government’s responsibility to look into such matters to ensure the wellbeing of its people. A society is the smallest significant unit of a nation. For the progress and development of a nation it is very important for its societies to develop harmoniously. In case a society is embedded with social evils that are ignored by the government, the problems will amplify and pose a greater threat in future. For example, if illiteracy is not dealt with at the right time, then no matter how much a nation progresses, its development will not be complete.

On the other hand, we have to live our present keeping in mind our future. Our present is the outcome of our past. We are able to live comfortable lives because of the foresight of our ancestors. Had there been no research regarding modes of transport and communication in the past, we would not have lived the same lives. There would not have been any satellite communication, GPRS navigation, space ventures etc today. We cannot imagine our lives without telephones, cars, internet etc. since we are so used to them. Such developments have been possible only because enough financial support was given to research in these fields. Hence, it is very important to continue with research and keep funds for the same. It is very important for a nation to keep pace with international advancement. If no efforts are made keeping in mind our future needs and we live only in the present, our future will be in darkness. There will be no progress and a state of stagnation will arise. This will eventually increase the dependence of a nation on other developed nations.

We cannot say that it is more important to concentrate on the present social problems and ignore the future. Equal importance should be given to present social needs and research for the future. As we progress, different social problems arise. Each social problem should be dealt with at the right time. Nonetheless, in order to secure our future we have to concentrate on research side by side. Over concentration of one aspect and ignoring the other would lead to an imbalance. Therefore, an administration should be judicious while allocating money for the present needs as well as for betterment of our future.