GRE Issue Essay 75

“Competition is ultimately more beneficial than detrimental to society.”

Competition is the soul of every endeavor. It brings life and activity in any action. Without it, any attempt is not explored to its fullest. It is competition that makes you work to the best of your capacities. That is why the outcome is also the best. I certainly agree that competition has many benefits to the society; however, I also maintain that competition should be healthy and instilling positive attitude. If competition is not healthy, it will harm not only the individual, but also the society in the long run.

In today’s world, you have to prove your abilities to the world. With limited opportunities, competition becomes inherent to any endeavor. It is a motivating force that makes us do good work and emerge successful. Where there is healthy competition, people work hard to bring out their best. They sweat and toil so that they can shine above the rest. Therefore, due to this competition, the end result is of topmost quality. It is the society that is ultimately profited with this type of competition. While the individual worth is explored to its fullest, the services of the individual towards the society are promoted with competition. Competition is a positive driving force that helps us to achieve our goals. It encourages hard work as well as ensures good quality work.

The best example of positive competition is that amongst students. In an effort to do better than others and compete with equals, a student works very hard. He tries to study more than others in order to increase his knowledge. Hence, he is able to get good scores depending upon his efforts. If he excels in studies, he can pursue the career of his choice and interest. Doctors, engineers, scientists and educationists have emerged because of their knowledge and learning. In today’s society there is a great importance of doctors of repute for better health. Similarly, scientists help in making our lives comfortable with their inventions as well as help in the progress and development of a country.

A competition amongst two brands of the same product is another example where the society benefits in the end. In order to increase the sales of their product, a company will employ all tools like lowering prices and satisfying customer requirements of their products. Therefore, the company will also try to improve the quality of its product. The result is that people not only get a choice of different brands but also get the price and quality that suits them.

All said and done, it is nonetheless important to remember that if not taken positively, competition can have a different side to it as well. Sometimes, in the pursuit to emerge above others and succeed, people adopt wrong measures to reach their goals. For example, instead of studying hard to get a good score, some students might resort to evil practices like cheating, and bribing. This side of competition is harmful not only for individuals since it spoils their morals, but also to the society. If a doctor gets his degree by bribing the authorities instead of on the basis of his merit, we will have incompetent and incapable doctors in our society. This will ultimately have its effect on the health of the society since our patients will not be in safe and qualified hands.

Conclusively, I would like to say that competition has two sides to it. While the positive side is that of healthy competition which does good to the society, negative and unhealthy competition is harmful and dangerous for everyone. Therefore, in individual interest as well as in the interest of the society, negative competition should be avoided.