GRE Issue Essay 71

“Societies should try to save every plant and animal species, regardless of the expense to humans in effort, time, and financial well-being.”

The dependence of humans on plants and animals is timeless. Humans cannot survive without plants and animals and the reverse need not be true. Many animal and plant species are becoming extinct and consequently there are many organizations, PETA for one, that are working towards conservation of the same. Many societies also make their contributions towards the cause.

In my view, Nature adjusts itself according to changing times and needs. That is what we call adaptation. Each species adapts according to the changes in the environment and struggles for survival. The species that cannot cope up with changes succumbs and becomes extinct. Pollution is one major factor responsible for the falling populations of many species. Deforestation, natural calamities and imbalance in food chain are other such factors.

The statement mentions that saving plants and animal species is more important than human comfort. There is no doubt that humans are exploiting Nature to the hilt. Humans are rapidly devouring jungles to build more offices and residential areas. Forests and other natural habitats of animals are being destroyed. Moreover, climatic changes are jeopardizing the future of many species. The situation is grim because animals and plants are not able to keep pace with environmental changes and they are succumbing to the situations. We have to even recognize that with time many species of plants and animals become extinct not only because of human interference but also because of natural causes. For example, huge animals like dinosaurs were wiped off the face of earth due to natural calamities, in most probability. For such extinctions there is little that humans can do.

There is also no denying that humans are aware of these changes and are making efforts to curtail ecological imbalances. Nonetheless, saying that saving these species should be focused upon at the cost of human effort, time and financial well-being is not reasonable. This statement is partial towards animals and plants. It implies that the author holds solely humans responsible for the extinction of plant and animal species. Humans and animals should live in harmony. Efforts to save plants and animals should not go to an extreme. Extreme behavior does not last for long. Things done in moderation are more effective. It is more important to make constant and moderate efforts, rather than imposing severe restrictions that are short lived. If a person denounces his comforts for the sake of animals and plants, he might not be able to keep the revolution going on for long.

Moreover, the given statement is incomplete. Had the author mentioned his idea about how conservation of plants and animal species is to be done, there would be more conviction in his statement. His attacking human well-being and not giving any substantial points about how the species are to be saved does not solve the purpose. There is no doubt that our lives are far more comfortable than we require. We can take some pains to avoid pollution. We can make efforts to conserve wildlife by modifying our localities and concentrating on conservation of plants and animals. Governments can make checks on deforestation. There is no dearth of the measures that we can take to conserve wildlife. Nonetheless, moderation is required at all steps. Moreover, the very factors that harm animals and plants also harm humans.

Societies should make efforts to save plants and animals, but care should be taken that humans of the society do not feel over strained with the efforts. A middle path should be adopted. Each member of the society should do his bit, he should make his contribution and his own well-being should also be taken care of.