GRE Issue Essay 69

“Although it is easy to respond positively to the work of another person or group, it is far more worthwhile to give negative feedback.”

In today’s world of competition every individual wants to prove that he is better than the other. The feeling of competition is making people do better work and it has increased their productivity. Any individual would like to work more and would work better if he gets a good feedback for his hard work. Therefore, I believe a positive feedback would not only boost the self-confidence of an individual but it would also help in increasing his quality and productivity in the work front. While on the other hand I believe that a negative feedback can result in loss of confidence and also it can lead to disinterest in work.

A few words of appreciation can do wonders for an employee as then in order to prove himself he will work even better. A very famous ritual is performed in one of the tribes in South Africa, where if villagers want some tree to be removed from their land for cultivation of some crop they would not cut it. The group of tribal people would go to the tree everyday and keep cursing and criticizing it. The tree would eventually fall after few weeks. Such bad impact negative things have even on nature. Similarly if a worker or an employee is always receiving negative remarks from his senior or his fellow colleagues then it would not only make him depressed but then he would not even like to work further. Negative feedback can transform into poor results and in order to make an employee realize his mistake the employer should adopt a positive approach. Instead of being rude and harsh if the mistake or fault is conveyed in a polite manner it would boost the morale of the employee. The employee would then work with more zeal and enthusiasm.

Also, if a person who is doing good for his organization gets a positive feedback from his seniors it would not only make him feel worthwhile but it would also encourage him do to much better work in future. By giving positive feedbacks and encouraging people to do better, any organization would not only be doing well to itself but it would also be favorable for the employees. The happier and contended work force would not only perform better but also increase the productivity of the organization. Therefore, positive feedbacks of any kinds yield good results and it is beneficial for both the employer and the employee.

It is true that bringing out somebody’s negative aspects is very difficult and responding positively towards the work of another person is easy. But I believe that without being too negative if a person or a group is told about their drawbacks then it would only enhance their working capabilities. It is not always necessary to have a negative approach whenever some suggestion is to be made to some individual. The process of suggesting or correcting can always be positively dealt.