GRE Issue Essay 68

“Much of the information that people assume is ‘factual’ actually turns out to be inaccurate. Thus, any piece of information referred to as a ‘fact’ should be mistrusted since it may well be proven false in the future.”

In all fields of study the outcome is termed as facts. We all rely on facts which are presented before us with relevant explanations. If a piece of information is presented before us and there are enough proofs to make it viable then we are bound to accept it as a fact. I believe that if a study is a proved fact then there is certainly no doubt about its authenticity. It is quite likely that a fact which is proved correct today might yield some different results after a few years but that does not make the present facts inaccurate.

The term fact is generally associated with scientific studies and discoveries. Science is a very vast world and there is so much to explore and scientists keep making new assumptions every now and then. The assumptions are then studied and confirmed into facts. The outcome of one scientific study becomes the base of another scientific study. It was a known fact that cow’s milk was better than buffalo’s milk for infant consumption. A more recent study proved that infants who were on cow’s milk only, acquired iron deficiency. The deficiency was due to the fact that cow’s milk disabled iron absorption by the body. Although the older study could not bring this point into light but that study was also correct. The new fact certainly does not make the old study false but it aids the old study and thus it came into notice that it is important to feed an infant other fluids along with cow’s milk. Therefore, whatever studies are done the facts which are proved have certain amount of authenticity in them and they are not absolutely false.

Although most of the factual information is accurate but the facts are results of studies made by humans so they are bound to be incorrect sometimes. This generally happens in the field of medicines. Firstly, scientists would recommend a medicine for an ailment and in the next study it would be proved that the medicine has ill effects on human body.

Therefore, it is important for people to make their research with utmost care as if researches go wrong it can result in drastic consequences. We all are dependent on our scientists for new studies and discoveries and if they adopt a negligent approach then eventually we would suffer. Human life is precious and any study concerning it should be deliberate so that chances of getting facts wrong results are minimized. Although we are sufferers of such failed studies but at the same time it can not be forgotten that these scientists are humans after all and they are only doing their work. New and better technology aids their studies and thus they come with new and better results. It is not necessary that facts are always inaccurate but their viability can certainly be questioned.