GRE Issue Essay 67

“Conformity almost always leads to a deadening of individual creativity and energy.”

Every individual in this world is different from another and all individuals have distinctive qualities of their own. An individual can never be similar to another in every aspect as everyone has a different perspective and approach towards life. We all live differently and we also work differently. If an individual is expected to work in an environment where he is to follow certain set of principles of work then it may lead to the end of his creative abilities. I believe that if an individual is working in a rigid work place where he can not execute his creative working skills then that puts an end to all his creative energy and skills. I think if God has not made us all with the same creative thinking then we should also not try to go against nature, rather we should unleash the inner creativity and energy.

Many of hose individuals who did not wish to work under rigid work environment are very successful in life as their creativity brought them the desired output. We have a great example of Bill Gates who is the owner of world famous computer Microsoft Company. He believed in his creative thinking and energy and with that he created revolution in the computer industry. His achievements have set milestones in the field of computer industry and he has also become one of the richest people in the world. The power of working with a free mind yields remarkable results. The famous scientist Newton discovered the law of gravity sitting under an apple tree. Unconformity makes people give different and distinctive outcome and working in conformity give almost similar outcomes. Unconformity helps people to bring out the originality in them. There are many examples in history which show that people adopting unconformity were successful in their respective fields.

Although conformity proves to be detrimental in the interest of an individual who would have done remarkably well by putting in practice his creative thinking but in certain cases conformity is a must. In all the armed forces around the world the soldiers are expected to follow a certain code of conduct. In such institutions unconformity does not help but conformity makes the organization run. Conformity makes people rigid and that is what is needed in such professions. Even law which is considered the back bone of any nation works on the principle of conformity. People can not make laws on the basis of unconformity as then it would not be possible for any society to exist. Law is one such rigid institute where creativity and individuality is of no use and if people exercise their duties and responsibilities according to their wish then there would be too much chaos. Nobody would abide by the rules and regulation and everyone would think differently. Such a situation would not only be detrimental for public but also it would stake the existence of such a nation itself.

Therefore unconformity in creative fields would result in remarkable results but it would certainly prove to be drastic where conformity is essential for the organization to exist to achieve its goal. We all want to be free as it unleashes our creativity and originality but at times rigidity is also very important.