GRE Issue Essay 66

“Computers and video technology can make facsimiles of original works such as paintings and historical documents available to everyone. The great advantage of this new technology is that it will enable anyone-not just scholars-to conduct in-depth research without having access to the original works.”

Technology has always been helpful to humankind. There have been innovations which have provided timely help to us. Technology has made an impact on our lives and now it has become very difficult to work without technological innovations. The technological innovation of computers and video has brought revolution in all fields. Such innovations make work easier for humans. Computers are put to use in all fields of life. It is not only used by the public but also by scholars. Computers and video technology is used to create facsimiles of original work to aid research of scholars as well as for public’s purposes. I believe that here technology fails to deliver the desired results and instead it is misused. Historical documents and paintings are a part of national treasure and they should not be made accessible to everyone. Therefore technological innovations like computers and video technology should not be used for making facsimiles of original work as this would be misusage of our innovations.

The biggest attraction of anything, a painting or any document is its originality. If we are viewing or studying a subject that is not original then the impact of that thing is lost. If scholars have to make study on the historical documents or paintings they should refer to the original work as then only will they yield the correct results. The famous painting Mona Lisa by the great painter artist Leonardo de Vinci is an example of a unique masterpiece. If any other artist wants to study that famous painting he should study the original painting to know the intricacies as the same effect would never come if he studies the facsimile of the original painting. Although there are numerous facsimiles of original paintings which are available to general public but what can be learned from an original painting can never be learned from a duplicated work. A similar case applies to the historical documents of a nation. Such documents are the prized possessions of a nation and if they are made easily available to the public then they can be misused. If a person is allowed to study an original document then that person becomes liable for any misusage but stopping any other person from misusing the facsimile of the original work would not be an easy task.

Although facsimiles of original work are used for study but it should not be misused. Facsimiles of original work can be authorized where it is essential as the original work cannot be made available to everybody for study or research. The person should maintain the sanctity of a document and certainly should not misuse it. It is certainly a great advantage for all those people who always wanted to study the original document but were unable to do so. Such innovations can work only as an alternative for numerous people to avail an opportunity of a lifetime. The only caution exercised while making such facsimiles is that strict disciplinary action should be taken against people misusing such documents.