GRE Issue Essay 65

“Encouraging young people to believe that they can accomplish great things if they try hard enough is both misleading and potentially harmful.”

Every person aims to achieve high goals in his life and few words of encouragement may act as driving force that motivate a person to do better. We all crave for encouragement and if there were no encouragement then everyday work would be very monotonous. Every person has a source of encouragement in his or her life. All great men who have done remarkably well in their respective fields had timely words of encouragements from their well-wishers and their critics. Encouraging a person to do well in life certainly does not mean that he or she should be praised excessively but getting people to know about their flaws is also a great encouraging factor. In our present scenario, the younger generation should perform in all the fields for the development of any country. I believe that kind words of encouragement from seniors or friends/family can prove to be a catalyst in their good performance. Therefore, in my opinion the younger generation should be encouraged to do better in its respective fields so that they prove to be an asset to their organization as well as to the country.

Encouragement can lead to miracles. A solider in army is a great example, as he is ready to give his life for his country. No ordinary man would ever dare to do so but an army man, as he is encouraged to perform for his country in the battlefield. The few words from his senior transforms a normal man to a solider who is ready to forego the most precious thing and that is his own life. I believe that the power of encouragement is tremendous and it can make an ordinary person do extra ordinary things. A novice painter who gets remarkable words of encouragement from his mentor after his amateur work can certainly turn in to a great painter.

There is no denying that encouragement is needed in all fields of life but too much encouragement or dependence on encouragement can be misleading and destructive to the younger generation. As a saying goes “there is a limit to everything” the same applies in this case. We just cannot encourage people for the sake of it, as it would not only be detrimental for the individual but it may also make the individual overconfident and overambitious trying to achieve things that may be beyond his capabilities. Any failure after this can be harmful for the individual as well as the organization.

Encouragement should aim to make the younger generation achieve its goals with more zeal and enthusiasm. The younger generation of a country assures a better future if it is led in the right direction. It is the prime responsibility of seniors, parents and employers to encourage people with kind words to achieve maximum efficiency and development in all fields of life. At the same time, the encouragement should be realistic and aimed at getting better results and not giving false hopes.