GRE Issue Essay 63

“Most people prefer restrictions and regulations to absolute freedom of choice, although they would probably deny such a preference.”

Man is a social animal and he can not stay alone. We all look for company as without it survival would be very difficult. In order to stay together humans developed a social system and that social system runs on rules and regulations. The need to make rules and regulations was because we all humans appear to be the same but we all have different view points and convictions. In order to make this society run in a uniform and unbiased way rules and regulations were introduced. These rules and regulations aid us to live in a society and we all are aware of how we are supposed to conduct ourselves in this social structure. I agree that it was we humans who made these rules and regulations for the society but we always want to have freedom in whatever we do. Therefore, I agree that although we all want freedom but we get confused with so many options around and thus we all prefer rules and regulations to absolute freedom.

We humans have many options is all fields of life. At times it is easier for us to make decisions but sometimes it becomes very difficult. In such situations one thinks that a certain code of conduct should be there which should be followed. Imagine a worker working according in his own style and rules in an organization can never produce results desired by that organization. It is because we all think differently and if there are no rules and code of conduct which we want that employee to follow then he would never be able to deliver what we want him to. Similarly, in all fields of life such rules and regulations are necessary as without them it would be very difficult to run this society. From childhood we learn to follow rules and regulations. We are free to choose our school, further field of study, our career but we have to follow rules and regulations of all these places. The way we want to be protected from others in the same way others also want to get protected from us so that not a single individual can harm the interest of another. Another field which does not let people exercise their choice of freedom is law. Law is the same for all and does not change to suit the requirement of any individual.

We all, at some point of time, do complain about rules and regulations. We all want to exercise our birth right of freedom but there are so many options available today that an individual becomes confused. At that point of time we all want that there should be something standard that is there for all. In such situations it is mandatory to have rules and regulations.

Although there are few people in the society who have their own convictions and beliefs but unknowingly they are following the rules of that community which thinks it is different from the rest. Therefore, we all want rules and regulation even if we are given true freedom.