GRE Issue Essay 62

“Although innovations such as video, computers, and the Internet seem to offer schools improved methods for instructing students, these technologies all too often distract from real learning.”

Innovations are the greatest strength of mankind as they make us think more and thus create. Innovations of any kind have always been helpful to mankind. The huge amount of credit for our development goes to innovations that the humans have made in all stages. Innovations of all kinds are proofs that humans have been progressing. The metamorphosis of a human from a prehistoric cave man to today’s modern man is all because of innovations. Innovations in all fields are helpful and useful for us and education is one such field where innovations like video, computers and the internet have proved to be of remarkable importance. I believe that these all means of education in schools have revolutionized the whole education system. I also recommend that all the schools which are not able to make use of these innovations in their education techniques must use them for their numerous benefits.

Children are the future of any country and education plays an indispensable role in making them responsible citizens of a country. The teachers in all education institutes try their level best to educate children. The students in school can be taught a great deal with the use of videos. If the service of an experienced teacher is unavailable in a school then recorded lectures can be helpful to the students. In the same way with the use of this innovation children can be shown the facts which were earlier told to them verbally. This way the students will retain more knowledge.

Similarly with the use of slide shows through computers the students can be told numerous facts in a lecture which otherwise would require a couple of lectures of the teachers. This way the teacher would be able to impart more knowledge to the students. Computers are also helpful to students as they can learn and write more promptly and accurately in lesser time.

The use of internet has large benefits for the education system. The large number of schools across the world can share their education through the use of internet. vast knowledge on all the subjects is available on the net which can be beneficial for the students. Distant education has become accessible through internet. Learning to use internet helps a student in long run when the student goes to a workplace.

There are numerous benefits which innovations provide us with. The help in school education is one of the benefits derived from it. I believe that an innovation empowers people to do what they desire to do. It helps people in becoming more efficient, creative and productive. It also helps students to learn things which they could not learn before.

Although these innovations have been very beneficial for our education system but the medium of video, computer and internet lack the personal touch which only a teacher can personally give to a student. The relation of a teacher and student is divine which is lost in innovative methods of learning.

Thus innovation in the field of education should be used to help the teachers in giving education to the students but it can certainly not take the place of a teacher.