GRE Issue Essay 61

“The purpose of education should be to create an academic environment that is separate from the outside world. This kind of environment is ideal because it allows students to focus on important ideas without being held back by practical concerns.”

William Allin quotes, “Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to the answer to all questions.” The above quote by William Allin sums up the importance and role of education so beautifully. The purpose of education should be to make a child ready for the outside world and that can be done by making the world outside a part of the school curriculum and not by making education aloof from the world outside. The education is certainly not the answer but a means to answer all questions. It becomes very important that if education is a means of answering all questions then it must include in itself all the problems related to the outside world. I believe that education is integral to the outside world and certainly the outside world should be a part of education. I believe education and world are dependent on and not isolated from each other and they should be viewed in presence of each other.

The purpose of education is not only imparting bookish knowledge to children. Education is a much wider term than that. A true teacher makes you think on what you have learned and not just makes you learn that by heart. A teacher can only open the doors of true knowledge for a student. It is up to the students to reach to those opened doors. If education would not include outside world than it can only make people to read and write but it will not make them think what is good to read and write. Education is not only what one has learned in school but what one will remember throughout ones life even when everything taught in school is forgotten from the memory. It certainly does not mean that people get educated only to earn a living but to understand the true meaning of living. This can only be achieved if children in school are aware what relation their acquired knowledge has with the world outside. If children are not aware of the scenario outside the school premises then no matter how good they are in studies they will fail drastically in the world outside.

We have examples of many literary figures and great men who made education a medium but not the end of their success. The various hardships faced by them in the journey of life played an important role in helping them to become geniuses. Mark Twain was such a literary figure who saw many hardships in his life and came up shining bright. “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” These are very famous words by Mark Twain and it is so evident in one line that education does not only mean what is learned in school but there is so much to learn from experiences of life.

Although it is very important that the world outside be a part of our education system but it should not overshadow our education system. The only aim of education should not be to impart knowledge about the world outside. The endeavor should be such that by the time children are ready to go out of school they should be ready to face the world.