GRE Issue Essay 60

“‘Moderation in all things’ is ill-considered advice. Rather, one should say, ‘Moderation in most things,’ since many areas of human concern require or at least profit from intense focus.”

We are faced with a number of issues of varying nature and importance in our daily lives. All these issues need to be dealt with in different ways. Depending upon the nature of the issue, we should choose to either be focused or remain calm about it. I agree with the given statement that moderation is not required in all things. There are things that deserve more importance and attention. Instead of paying only moderate attention to all the issues, we should direct our efforts according to the delicacy and importance of the issue concerned.

The focus should be more over issues that require immediate concern and attention. There are many things which need to be attended to in the present. Issues like poverty, population explosion, exhausting natural resources etc. are grave and need immediate attention. If we adopt a moderate attitude towards these issues and do not focus our attention to find out a solution of these problems today, these issues will pose a threat to us in our future.

The idea of being moderate in all things is dangerous and therefore should be avoided. If we do not consider how grave a situation is and deal with it with restraint, not only are we avoiding doing justice to the issue but are also fooling ourselves. For example, it is the need of the present to control population explosion. There need to be measures like educating people, spreading the benefits of family planning etc. that need to be undertaken on a wide scale to control this menace immediately. If this is not done we will face the ill-effects of an uncontrollable rise in population. There would not be enough for everyone to eat, people would not find a place to live, it would be difficult to support large families, people would remain jobless and the general health of people would suffer. Being moderate towards such an issue will not solve the problem. It would only aggravate the issue to the extent that it would result in other related problems. On the other hand, we can hope of coming out of this vicious circle only if quick and effective action is taken.

I would like to add that in finding an immediate solution by being focused one should not ignore judicious and fair treatment of the issue. It is possible that in a rush of solving the problem by taking extreme steps, a wrong step is taken which results in irreversible damage. There are many benefits of being moderate towards a thing. It makes you relax and think about the possible solutions and their outcomes. Hence, the decision taken by being moderate is effective and lasting. Therefore, moderation should be practiced for most of the things which do not pose an immediate threat to us. On the other hand, the areas where you cannot afford to remain moderate should be carefully identified and acted upon for an immediate effect. As it is rightly said, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’, it is wise to be alert and act upon an immediate problem. Not only does it check the growth of the problem but it also saves you from other related problems.