GRE Issue Essay 46

In order to produce successful original work, scholars and scientists must first study the successful work of others to learn what contributions remain to be made.

As per this statement, scholars and scientists must first study the successful work of others for their further research. It seems from this statement that this is necessary for scholars before producing their own original work. However, this is not completely true. It is correct that a scholar who wants to make some breakthrough in his academic career must know very well about his field like the history of the academic realm, some landmark achievements, branches, and new development trend about the subject. He or she should be aware of the expert comments on the topic. If a person knows his field better, then he can build a system of his own perspectives on what he devotes to and thus probably provide some sparkling ideas and establish his own theory.

However, he should not depend on somebody else’s work. Even though, we need some basic guidance from our seniors, sometimes our minds abound with too many theories of a lot of people from ancient to contemporary, domestic to abroad and we cannot think beyond that. If we will stick to those theories and never doubt a little, we will not be able to grow. We will definitely be conscribed in a circle built by the “greater” formers and have no new things to explore. This way the academic profession would soon lose its vigor. Hence, one should apply his own thoughts on the widely accepted theories whether they are scholars or the students in the school. This kind of open mindedness is required in the field of scientific research. This will generate new sparkling ideas and work that is more original.

For example, new emerging musicians have to learn the basic ragas to know more about music. Then only can they make their new pieces. Similarly, previous scholars have developed new technologies and methods and new people can learn from them and take help of these methods to find new things. Sometimes, existing knowledge works as the base for further research. For example, Newton’s mechanic theory already existed and acted as a base for the quantum theory.

However, there are examples of some genius who had shown a sharp insight in their research which finally led to their success when they first entered the field without systematic knowledge. There is no doubt that scholars have to study the successful and unsuccessful cases to know about their field. This way they learn more and they get new perspective to think differently. They get new ideas to give direction to their work. The existing theories about their subject gives them focus. While knowing about success stories of other people, students get encouraged and hence there are more chances of original work.

Hence, to make achievement in their respective fields, scholars and scientists must study the existing work but they should be firm with their own work. Certainly, they should explore and clear their doubts about the existing facts. This way there will be more chances of original work and hence development.