GRE Issue Essay 43

Society should identify those children who have special talents and abilities and begin training them at an early age so that they can eventually excel in their areas of ability. Otherwise, these talents are likely to remain undeveloped.

This statement rightly states that if children with special talents get training at an early stage, then they can do wonders in their respective fields. It is necessary to identify these children to give them the right direction. Otherwise, if these children do not get the chance and the facilities, they might be lost and it will be a loss to the society.

Sometimes, gifted children do not have means to develop their talents. Hence, it is the society or government’s duty to nurture their talents. It can be access to musical instruments or providing education. If a child has a special talent in scientific facts and researches, then he needs access to science labs. In the realms of science, especially in physics, it is important for society to pay more attention on genius kids so that they can eventually excel in research in the future. If one gets the facilities to grow then he might prove a prodigy for the society.

Similarly, students with outstanding talents for sports should be selected and trained separately. It will for make sure that they show their special talents to the maximum extent. Special training can polish a child and can produce an extraordinary athlete. The children need to be trained at an early stage and they need special coaching to win medals. They need special coaches. If they get the right guidance, they can smash all the previous records.

There should be special schools where students at the same level should be admitted and special training should be provided to them. In a free academic atmosphere, students will feel motivated, a sense of competition will be there, and it will constantly stimulate him or her to advance in the specific areas of his interest. This facility cannot be provided by common schools.

However, giving attention to the children with special abilities should not mean neglecting other kids. Providing facilities to specially gifted kids should not be at the expense of other children. Giving attention to some children might divide the children into fractions, which can cause ill effects on the delicate minds of the children. It would be undemocratic to give preference to some kids over others. The unchosen children might feel neglected and inferior. That would lead to childhood trouble.

The children who will get more attention and facilities might have the feeling of superiority and they might misuse their talent and facilities to harm the society. Sometimes, parents also push their children with special talents and affect their childhood and other times, parents simply refuse to acknowledge their kids’ special talents.

Hence, considering all these factors, it is important for the society to identify children with special talents and to nurture them. However, they have to take care not to neglect other children. It should not lead to social and economic disparity. A well-planned training or a talent program will systematically train the talented child on his way to reach the full potential at an early age.