GRE Issue Essay 42

Too much emphasis has been placed on the need for students to challenge the assertions of others. In fact, the ability to compromise and work with others-that is, the ability to achieve social harmony-should be a major goal in every school.

I agree with the statement of the author that there should not be over emphasis on the students to challenge others’ works. They should work in harmony with others, but I do not agree with the other part of the statement that the ability to compromise should be taught in every school. To maintain peace and compromising for the same should not be their motto in life. Otherwise, they will lose their spirit of competition. They should not be misguided by this statement of the author. Moreover, schools have many other things to teach, they cannot make teaching compromise their major goal. It can be a part of their teaching.

The author has mixed up two different things. Having challenges in life is very different from achieving social harmony. This is right that students should not be forced to compete with others, but to get motivation from the achievers is not wrong. Sometimes, students are encouraged by watching others work. The students do need guidance to only progress in their fields. They also need guidance to recognize their hidden talents. If they get it at the right time, they can go very far and can do wonders. Hence, it cannot be said that there is no need for students to challenge other’s claims.

However, the teachers and parents should be careful that their push should be in its limits and should not stress the student. There should be a good spirit of healthy competition and not the feeling of jealousy and unethical behaviour. Otherwise, it will do the reverse and the environment of school or institution will be polluted. It would hinder the healthy growth of students and their minds would be maligned against each other. It may affect the social harmony of the nation in the end. For example, if the players of a team will start competing with each other instead of competing with the rival team then it will definitely affect their performance. Even when playing against the rival team, they should play with good sportsmanship. They should respect their competitors and supporters alike. Hence, their basic training should be right and balanced.

However, at the same time, students need to learn how to compete and excel. They have to set standards for themselves and then try to achieve them. This can be done only if they will compete with other achievers. They cannot compromise on everything. They have to work for their goals even if they are challenging others, but their means of achieving their goals should not be wrong. A researcher’s job is to invent new things. If he will not try to better other’s work, then there will not be any new inventions. To challenge the assertions of others is the base of scientific researches and businesses. A business executive would be successful only if he will try to outdo others in the same field. Moreover, the most successful businessmen also impart benefit to society.

Hence, it can be said that although social harmony is very important, it should be taught to students but not at the expense of their goals. Rather, they should be taught how to maintain a balance and keep the spirit of sportsmanship.