GRE Issue Essay 35

“People are too quick to take action; instead they should stop to think of the possible consequences of what they might do.”

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” This is Newton’s 3rd Law of Physics and it applies to our daily life as well as it applies to the theories of Science. Whenever someone is prompted to take an action, there is no doubt that it will be followed by a reaction. Therefore, one has to stop to consider the various consequences before carrying out any kind of action.

There have been many times in our lives when we had to take quick decisions due to shortage of time. Taking a decision is one thing and executing it in the form of an action is another thing altogether, as the action will be followed by consequences that may have either a positive effect or a negative effect. In today’s world, there is a race against time to get your work done. Everyone is in a hurry to accomplish the task at hand and this forces people to take huge risks by taking quick actions. Despite the pressure exerted by shortage of time, it is absolutely important to assess the subsequent consequences so that you can plan the remedial action well in advance. This assessment of the possible consequences of a particular action will require you to spend some time and therefore, you cannot execute an action immediately.

Consider the example of marriage which is an event that takes place in the life of every individual. Isn’t it better to contemplate on the consequences of marriage before taking the proverbial ‘plunge’? You will definitely have to consider various factors like your means of livelihood and a place to stay which are necessary to sustain your marriage. Immediately getting married without having thought about the consequences of marriage would lead to a disturbed married life and you may have to actually spend more than you can afford to make both ends meet. It is for this reason that most people postpone marriage until they are settled in life. Why do people take such a decision? This is because they have spent time in studying the consequences of marriage and they are aware of the problems that might come up. Therefore, people take the necessary steps beforehand so that there are no problems once the actual action, that is marriage, is executed.

If you find that it is high time you got yourself a family car then what would you do? Would you just go out buy the car that your friend or neighbor has or would you rather spend some time in selecting the model and make of the car that would be best suited for you? You may have to base the decision of buying a car on various factors like the cost of the car and the amount of financial loan that you can afford. You may also have to consider the amount required to be spent on the annual maintenance of the car depending on the model of the car that you are keen on buying. There is a chance that you will regret buying a particular type of car in a hurry if you later find that the car demands a lot of maintenance costs or if it has a high mileage.

One cannot deny the fact that there may be many instances in our lives when we have regretted taking a decision in a hurry. This could be because the action did not produce the results that we had been hoping for. Therefore, one should always spend some time in studying the consequences of taking a particular action before actually executing it on ground. This will not only help you in making the correct decision, but you will also be well prepared for any eventuality as you would have already catered for it when you were evaluating the consequences of that particular action.