GRE Issue Essay 26

“The material progress and well-being of one country are necessarily connected to the material progress and well-being of all other countries.”

Where does a country get the expertise and the inspiration to progress and provide the best living standards to its citizens? The answer is quite obvious. We all live in a planet wherein all countries progress by taking assistance from other countries. There is no doubt that the material progress, welfare and well-being of a country are directly related to those of other countries. The economic growth and development of all countries are interrelated. A country cannot be expected to develop if it prefers to isolate itself from what is happening in the other countries.

Today all the countries of the world can easily be divided into categories depending on the level of their material progress and well-being. The under developed countries can look forward to a future where they are close to the developed countries in terms of their material progress by closely interacting with them in all fields. The availability of natural resources is not the same across the surface of the entire planet. An analysis of the growth pattern of developing countries has shown that trade is directly related to faster growth. Developing countries carry out trade with other countries and open up to foreign investments so as to bring in revenues for themselves and also to move ahead on the path of progress.

All countries benefit from trading with each other for the natural resources that are available with a particular country. For instance, the oil rich gulf countries have an economy that sustains itself by oil trading. Could these countries have progressed if they did not interact with those countries which were in need of oil? Moreover, the countries that do not have oil resources would have found themselves restricted to using other sources of energy had they not interacted with the gulf countries. Additionally, it has been seen time and again that if there is an environmental or political problem in the gulf countries, the fuel prices across the world shoot up no matter how far the other countries are situated from the gulf. This proves that the well-being of all countries is related to that of the others.

It is not only the poor countries that benefit from the affluent countries. The developed countries also stand to gain a lot by interacting with poor countries. Poor countries boast of abundant labor which is available at very low costs. This labor can be utilized by the developed countries for their manufacturing units and also for outsourcing their work. The poor countries have been able to harness the power of the labor available with them to create a foothold for themselves in the market for manufactured goods and outsourced services. This has led to a rapid increase in their growth rate and this has been possible because there are other countries that needed this labor for improving their own growth rate.

Among the numerous problems plaguing the undeveloped countries, a major issue is the one related to epidemics and other health related services. Assistance from other developed countries in the form of organizations like the WHO has assisted the third world countries in addressing the health related issues. Additionally, a useful drug that has been developed in one country for a particular disease is effectively utilized by all countries across the world. This would not have been possible without the healthy interaction that exists between the countries. Therefore, there is no doubt that the material progress and well-being of one country is directly related to those of the other countries of the world.