GRE Issue Essay 25

“Technology creates more problems than it solves, and may threaten or damage the quality of life.”

Technology has long been the sole reason for improving the quality of life being led by humans. However, in recent years it has been seen that technology has succeeded in creating problems and damaging the quality of life rather than solving problems.

Open any newspaper and scan through the daily news. There will be more than one story of a teenager who has been led astray by the internet. The internet is indisputably one of the major leaps that mankind has made in the field of technology. The amount of information available is tremendous and it serves as a major resource for improving your knowledge and your career prospects. However, the internet is more damaging than it is helpful as has been proven by the high frequency of cyber-crimes throughout the world. This has damaged the lives of children and teenagers to quite an extent as they have now been exposed to various aspects of life that they would have been kept away from had they not been able to gain access to the internet. In fact, there are a number of educational institutions and countries that have banned minors from accessing the internet. Your personal details including those of your bank accounts are no longer safe because of the ever-growing community of hackers who can access your personal information from anywhere in the world. The data stored on your computer is always at risk of being attacked by viruses, Trojan-horses, worms and spy ware which find their way into your computer through the internet. Therefore, this is one such example where technology has succeeded in creating more problems than solutions.

Another form of technology that has crippled the well-being and health status of people is the advent of frozen foods. They may seem as an easy option for working couples, but these frozen foods are detrimental to health in the long run. People living in metros have forgotten the benefits of eating fresh meals because they have the easy option of picking up pre-cooked meals off the shelf. Another aspect of technology that has affected the quality of life is in the entertainment arena. Technological developments have led to the development of home entertainment systems that keep people glued to the small screen. The advantages of going out for long walks, meeting people in community parks and holding intelligent discussions with others have all become a thing of the past. People prefer to stay indoors as they have these hi-tech devices to keep them busy. Although, apart from entertainment, television is a great source of information and one of the best ways to keep yourself abreast of the latest happenings around the world, one cannot refute the fact that it has degraded the quality of life as a number of people have ended up as couch potatoes.

Didn’t people have a good quality of life in the past century when technology was not as advanced as it is today? It cannot be disputed that technology has indeed improved the living standards of people, but the bitter truth is that it has succeeded in creating more problems for the common man by degrading the quality of life to quite an extent.