GRE Issue Essay 237

“In any given field, the leading voices come from people who are motivated not by conviction but by the desire to present opinions and ideas that differ from those held by the majority.”

In a crowd of beautiful women, all dressed in white, an ordinary looking woman in black would be noticed more. Just as we picture this, obvious reasons for such an observation strike the mind; people with some difference as compared to the majority, catch more attention. It is always easy for them to make a mark and get easy recognition of their work.

To succeed in any field, there are a number of qualities that may help. Conviction and desire to present ideas in an unconventional manner are two such traits. Conviction in oneself and in the job at hand definitely develops positivity. It makes one’s job easier to be carried out. Negative influences are restricted by the mere faith and confidence in oneself or the job undertaken.

However, a person with distinct outlook towards problems and their solutions finds it easy to carve a niche for himself. The common man is common because of his conventional views. The ones who think beyond the set norms and patterns are more likely to get easy rejection or applause. Such men are either alienated from the society or made leaders for the rest to follow.

People who have different ideas and opinions are like free souls and do not limit their vision. They generally become the leading voices in their fields because of a natural desire to express themselves. Moreover, conviction comes naturally to people who express their thoughts differently. It is novelty of their thoughts that motivates them further to stand up for a cause. They have the inherent talent of visualizing things in a distinct perspective. Such people look beyond commonly assumed constraints.

Novelty of imagination and ideas finds one way or the other to express itself. People with such traits cannot be held back by force of any nature. For instance, during elections for a post, why do so many men vote for a selected few? In most of the cases, it is because of the candidate’s ideas that convince others to do so. If there is nothing unusual in the person, why would others find him interesting enough to be even heard? It is primarily due to the new and different approach that fetches recognition along with followers in some cases.

A person will definitely attract listeners if he has something different to say, irrespective of the strengths and weaknesses of his arguments. He will definitely be heard and remembered for long. It is the unconventionality of things that takes over the regular ones. Since, ‘change is the only constant thing’, everyone wants to experiment something new. For instance, in an era of musical movies, it is a horror or science fiction that easily gets noticed and begins a new rage in movies.

Hence, the leading voices in any field are the ones which have a desire to represent opinions and ideas that are different from the majority. Expression of unconventional views helps in gaining more attention, though conviction helps in sustaining the gained attention.