GRE Issue Essay 236

“Sometimes imagination is a more valuable asset than experience. People who lack experience are free to imagine what is possible and thus can approach a task without constraints of established habits and attitudes.”

Experience is valued in every field and imagination is a valuable asset to endeavor a fresh approach towards things. Experience warns against actions that are likely to prove disastrous. It inculcates the tact of handling difficult situations along with taking success and failure in one’s stride. The significance of experience is confirmed when one applies for a job in any field. Experience of work is always preferred, as it proves to be a bonus to the organization. Imagination on the other hand, helps to develop a fresh outlook for every issue. The freshness and novelty of ideas fills the person with such great amount of zeal that it is most likely to spread around and affect the associates too.

If experience makes one better with each passing day, it may limit the ability to break past established attitudes. For example, if being indifferent to the personal problems of his employees had helped someone to get the work done on time, a change in attitude may develop more healthy relations with the employees, resulting in more loyalty and quality work. However, such an attitude would be difficult to develop in a person who has not realized the need of such a change in his long work experience, or in someone who has had the experience of being taken for granted by his juniors in the past.

Similarly, an individual as a salaried employee may have had made unsuccessful attempts to start his own business. Though, it could be due to his personal limitations or some unfavorable circumstances prevailing in the market, his experience would always come in between the desire to start afresh. On the other hand, his inexperienced kids, with novel imagination would be undeterred and in a better position to achieve the same goals. In such a case, it is definitely better to be inexperienced and sustain zeal to fulfill one’s fancies and imaginations.

There goes a famous saying, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Imaginations are production of mind which run wild, and knows no limits. If imaginations are not influenced by the social or economic constraints, there are a number of ways of tackling the present problems. Not to mention, inventions have always been a production of an imaginative mind. People, who do not let their imaginations get imprisoned in well known and set patterns, are the ones who have the aptitude to invent something new and implement novel ideas.

There is no doubt in the truth that experience is counted upon in every aspect of life, but at times it leads to inhibition in trying something risky. Though, experience can help in playing safe, it is risk that must be taken to endeavor into a new venture. The ones who are not set back by failures and preconceived notions are the ones who trail new paths for others to follow.

Hence, experience and imagination, both hold their respective significance in achieving success in different aspects of life. Experience of past can be instrumental in strengthening the positives, if it does not hold one back from trying out new ideas based on imagination. In other words, though a rare combination, experience and imagination together would be an ideal pair to achieve success.