GRE Issue Essay 235

“Most people live, whether physically or morally, in a very restricted circle. They make use of a very limited portion of the resources available to them until they face a great problem or crisis.”

In our present scenario people have become very much socially active. People like to interact with their neighbors, colleagues, friends and family members. Gone are the days when people were apprehensive in talking to people. We are living in a social structure which is very active and we have broadened our viewpoints. We all are aware of our rights and duties towards our society and we are not hesitant to perform those either. I believe we are living in a very flexible society which is ready to accommodate everyone in it. We all are aware of resources available to us and we all do make use of them. We have become aware and hence we are not apprehensive to utilize our physical or moral resources available to us.

There were times when women from Muslim community would always remain in veils and they were not even allowed to talk to men other than their husbands. The present scenario has changed and now Muslim women have not only shunned their fanatic beliefs but they are also excelling in various fields. We have an example of famous tennis star Sania Mirza. It certainly does not mean that they have gone against their religion but they are utilizing the resources which are available to them. We all are citizens of a nation and every citizen has equal rights and nobody can be deprived of any right in the name of religion. There were times when due to caste system people were ready to kill each other but in the present day world we are not only accepting people from different castes and creed in our society but also giving them same opportunities.

Although, it is good to make use of resources available to us but we should not be forgetting that at times it is important to abide by some restricted values of the society. No matter how much we excel in our respective fields but we can certainly not stop respecting our elders. Again if a religion bans the consumption of certain food or drink then it would be wise to accept to an extent it is possible. It is not possible for us to shed our old values and beliefs. The Parsi community in India is still following it age old values and cultural beliefs. If they would have forgotten and left their beliefs then there would not have been enough Parsis in the country. At times we need to accept others as they are and we should not try to change or amend them.

Therefore, it is important that we live in a flexible society and make the best possible use of the resources available to us. At the same time we should not stake our principles and values for it. We are the free citizens of a country and it is in our hands what we want. Thus, we should exercise the right of making the best possible use of our resources and not only in crisis should we put them to use.