GRE Issue Essay 234

“One often hears about the need for individuals to take responsibility for their own lives. However, the conditions in which people find themselves have been largely established long before people become aware of them. Thus, the concept of personal responsibility is much more complicated and unrealistic than is often assumed.”

There is a very famous saying that God helps those who help themselves. It is certainly very true in our lives. It is only our responsibility to take control the happenings in our lives. We can not blame anybody for mishaps in our lives. God has made all of us capable of sustaining ourselves and if we fail in our endeavors then we only are to be blamed and nobody else. We are the ones who make circumstances good or bad, in favor or against our own destiny. It is our ignorance about a stance that makes us vulnerable to a fault. I believe that individuals should take the responsibility of their own lives as this would not only simplify but also make their life more realistic.

A man himself is the maker of his destiny. It is believed that we all get not only what we strive for but also what we deserve. If a person is insulting another person how can he ever imagine the other person to be nice to him. We get in return what we give to others. If we give love and respect then we would surely get love and respect in return but at the same time negative feelings instigate negative feelings only. A student flunking in his exams can not simply blame a teacher for his failure. The student failed because his efforts were not in accordance with the need. It is often very easy to blame others for our failures but to take the sole responsibility of our own faults is indeed a courageous act. Most of the times we do not come to know that we have put ourselves in difficult situations and those who know about it come out victorious. A business man fails in the market not only because other competitors are better but because he is not able to prove his worth over them.

Although it is entirely upon us how we shape up our future but at certain times it becomes impossible for us to tackle situations which arise out of uncertainty. A farmer who has grown a crop in the field with his hard work and dedication fails when there is sudden outburst of rain. No matter how hard we try but some times if destiny has something else in store for us then we would get what is in our destiny, in spite our endeavor to achieve something else. Similarly if we are traveling in a car and driving it with utmost care but if a driver from the other end is negligent and causes an accident then we suffer because of somebody else’s fault. Therefore, at times our responsibility is not on us but somebody else too.

Therefore, we should make all the possible efforts to take our own responsibility but at the same time we can certainly not undermine the role of other people in shaping our destiny.