GRE Issue Essay 233

“In this age of intensive media coverage, it is no longer possible for a society to regard any woman or man as a hero. The reputation of anyone who is subjected to media scrutiny will eventually be diminished.”

Every person has an ideal in his or her life and we all make endeavors to be like them. Most of us have leaders or actors as our ideals. In this present age of satellite communication it has become possible for us to know about the life styles of our ideals. We are aware of everything related to their lives rather we feel that they have become a part of our lives. This all has become possible because of media and we are able to see our ideals in happiness and in grief. I believe that in this age of wide media coverage it is possible for us to be well aware about our celebrities and because of media coverage only we are able to know them better. Although their reputation is subjected to media scrutiny but these personalities are more known to common people and more people regard them as their hero.

It was very difficult for people to get to know about their heroes when media was not introduced. This technological innovation has revolutionized the social structure. People can follow their heroes all the time. These people are heroes because we have made them so and without our support they would not be as famous as they are. Media scrutiny does not affect those social figures who are indeed heroes in their respective fields. Mahatma Gandhi was one such example as all his acts were scrutinized by media but he was such an able man that it did not affect him at all. Gandhi not only got independence for India but also made a place in the hearts of people which will keep him alive in their deeds. He set an example that non-violence can achieve great results and till date people follow his principles. There were rumors of Gandhi having rifts with his son but that did not diminish his image. He was a human being after all and like every father and son they also had their arguments, which certainly do not make Gandhi a bad man. In the same manner the actors and leaders are also looked up to by people as their heroes and if they commit some mistake that certainly do not make them bad human beings.

Although, it would not be correct on our part to regard our heroes as good or bad only based on media scrutiny but this is certainly happening these days. It is entirely up to the media how to portray a situation and if an incident in a celebrity’s life is portrayed in a wrong way then that can prove to be fatal for that celebrity’s fan following. Princess Diana was one such example. She was literally worshipped by her fans and one incident of wrong media coverage shattered her image.

Media coverage does plays an important role in making or breaking a person’s image but it is very difficult to misguide public these days. Public also understands that media is either exaggerating or showing wrong image of popular personalities. At the same time if the media scrutiny is justified then certainly the true picture should come in front of public.