GRE Issue Essay 231

“The human mind will always be superior to machines because machines are only tools of human minds.”

If after God any living being has a power to create then that is a human being. Humans have created miracles in all fields. Creation of machines is one such example. Machines were created to help man in his day-to-day work. These machines are the results of human innovation and they can never be superior to human mind. If a man has a power to make them he can even break them. They are just the tools in the hands of humans and no matter how gigantic, accurate or prompt these machineries are they can never outdo a human brain. If man would not have created machines then these machines would not be in existence only. Therefore, I agree that human mind will always be superior to machines because machines are only tools of human minds.”

The present day age is of computers and this machinery is one of the creations of mankind but this machine can not work on its own. Although, it is more fast, prompt and accurate than a human mind but it was made to do all such functions. Therefore, a computer is only a waste piece of machinery until it is used by a human mind. Similarly, all the machines created by humans are helping humans to perform their work but alone these machines are nothing. The most important point of difference in humans and machinery is that humans have an ability to think and analyze a situation which a machine can certainly not do. Humans have the ability to act and solve various problems differently. Whereas a machine can simply solve a problem which we give it to but it can certainly not apply logical thinking to it. Another point of differentiation between humans and machines is emotions. We humans are blessed with emotions and act in different situations accordingly but machines are deprived of this beautiful gift of nature. A human mind it far more creative than a computer that is why it’s able to create vast number of machines.

We humans have created these machines but in certain aspects these machines are superior to us. Can we ever think of reaching any far off place without the help of any transport? Again a computer is made by man but the functions it performs for us can never be performed by a genius also. Machines have also got the accuracy of performing the same task several times which is impossible for humans.

Machines have become an indispensable part of our lives and our day-to-day life would be very difficult without their presence. The capability of a human to create better and better things has proved its superiority over machines. Therefore, humans are certainly far superior to machines not because these were created by humans but because humans even have the ability to destroy them. These machines are lifeless and put in use only by humans and without humans they are a total waste.