GRE Issue Essay 222

“Because of television and worldwide computer connections, people can now become familiar with a great many places that they have never visited. As a result, tourism will soon become obsolete.”

Computer and television are the gifts of technology which one can not do away with, in today’s time. Once considered to be luxury items and remotely affordable by the common man, these are the most common household items today. They are sources of entertainment and knowledge. Though they offer sights of beautiful places worldwide, it is wrong to hold the view that computers and television will make tourism obsolete in near future. As a matter of fact, they help in promoting tourism in different ways.

Both television and computer connections provide unlimited pictures and sights of beautiful places. They give access to choice of destinations, means of transport and places for stay. When these major issues are sorted out with these connections, then there are fewer apprehensions and more chances of visiting distant places. Moreover, the different documentaries and advertisement on internet and television are so well presented that almost everyone is tempted to go touring. The temptation becomes hard to resist for those who can afford them. Besides, for others it becomes a goal they earnestly want to accomplish. Lately, this factor has generated a whole new wave of tourists from different parts of world. With a growing number of people willing to go on tours to different places, media like television and internet have roped in the opportunity to make it a grand affair. Just on a click of mouse or button of remote, one is catered to a long list of places on the internet. Such good is the service that one can choose from locations of a city or island to the available hotels. There is guidance for every aspect, be it the best season to travel, most affordable season, cheapest to grandest hotels, various modes of travelling along with the likely expense, variety of food, tradition and culture of people to the typical things one can shop for. Such information adds charm to a visit to these places.

The familiarization with climate, food, hotels, availability of tourists guides and a clear picture of time to be spent on sightseeing, automatically develops a comfort zone in travelling to these far off places. In addition to this, through computer and television one gets to know and see the less explored lands. The adventurous types can take out opportunity to satisfy their instincts. At times, information of nearby scenic beauty worth a visit is also unraveled through internet. Such options are specifically lucrative as they involve less expenditure.

Conclusively, media like computer and television add to the promotion of tourism. It would be wrong to think that due to the beautiful and refreshing scenes available through them, tourism will become outdated. The truth being just the opposite; television and computer are boosting tourism and giving it an all time high by bringing the natural beauties and manmade marvels from all corners of the world to the user right in his face.