GRE Issue Essay 221

“The most practical and effective way to protect wilderness areas is to attract more tourists to these areas through environmentally sensitive projects.”

The flora and fauna, primarily in the forests and woods, are the natural resources that add to the wealth of a nation. In the times of technological progress and cities of concrete, the wilderness areas are depleting fast. Not only are some species of animals and birds becoming extinct, but even their habitats are exploited so much so that they are on the brink of extinction. The suggestions of attracting more tourists to these areas through environmentally sensitive projects can prove to be effective, but there can be other alternatives too. These areas can even be transformed into public utility places like parks or zoos. This will not only provide green and open natural surroundings to the visitors, but also preserve unattended wastelands. Tree plantation drive can be exercised by government institutions and schools to both preserve these lands and give pleasant and healthy surroundings to all.

Awareness among locals should be created about the significance of these areas as the local people can be instrumental in preserving the same. They should be warned against the ill – consequences of cutting the woods. In case of wastelands, they should be trained in using these lands to their benefits, thereby adding to the greenery in nature. Precautions against accidental fires and steps to handle such mishaps should be discussed. They should be educated about soil erosion, ill – effects of over grazing by cattle in areas deficient of plantation and the effect of these on the climate should also be explained.

Besides, the wilderness areas could be left as they are, with deployment of forest guards against poaching and cutting of trees. These areas can be converted into more suitable habitats for the wild animals and can be slowly changed into wild life sanctuaries, without much disturbance to the natural set up. Gradually, when the preservation of there areas is ensured, there could be different modes of sustaining the initiative taken.

The power of media can be exploited to bring the attention to wilderness areas. This would definitely attract a number of tourists. To ensure a positive feedback, arrangements should be done such that they do not come in the way of the peace of the animals. The means of transport should be eco-friendly, without much pollution and noise. Moreover, proper measures should be taken for the safety of tourists as well. For this, along with guards, efficient local guides should accompany the tourists. Along with this, more addition could be made, like more shady trees if needed, regular check on water supply in case of contaminations in natural resources etc. should be looked into.

Hence, there can be various ways of protecting the wilderness areas. Though, attracting tourists to these areas by organizing environmentally sensitive projects can be quite effective, it is not the only practical measure that can be adopted. The other alternatives suggested above, can also be implemented for effective results. However, the awareness for reserving these areas can be attained primarily by adopting environmentally sensitive projects.