GRE Issue Essay 215

“Artists should pay little attention to their critics.* Criticism tends to undermine and constrain the artist’s creativity.”

Any form of arts like painting, music, dance and others are the reflection of the culture of any nation. The various forms of arts have been in existence since time immemorial. Artists are able to put across their view through their medium of art. The work of these artists enhances if they are guided by their critics. I believe that criticism of any sort is very progressive as it enables an artist to create something better and unique. If there is no evaluation of an artist’s work then an artist would never be able to estimate the worth of his work. Therefore, I believe that criticism is way of improvement and not hindrance. It certainly does not undermine or constrain the artist’s creativity but it encourages an artist to overcome his flaws and give a better output.

Imagine a world of writing where there is no eraser. It means that even if we commit any mistake we have to either be with it or strike it. Which means that either what we would have written is wrong or not beautiful. The same applies in the field of arts and the critics are like erasers. If critics would not erase our faults then either we would cerate something incorrect or something with flaws. Therefore, it is very important for an artist’s progress that he be scrutinized by a critic. We generally view criticism as negative but it is not always like that. It not only instigates an artist to create with perfection but with utmost deliberation. If a dancer performs her dance which has flaws, she would be disgracing not only her dance form but also herself. It is very important to do or perform an art form with perfection as then only are artists called artists. Criticism provides artists with different perspective as an artist’s work is generally integrated in the same direction if his view points are integrated in some other direction then his creativity would become vast.

Although criticism helps artists to create better but at times it can hinder the creativity of an artist and this happens with negative criticism. If the criticism is too harsh then the artist can not create with a free mind which enhances his creative abilities but he would create with fear of criticism which would fail to bring out the true artist in him. Negative criticism can not only shatter the confidence of an artist but also harm his creativity. Artists are like free birds and just the way birds can not or should not be caged the creativity of an artist can not be leashed.

Therefore, criticism is important for an artist but too much of it would be fatal for an artist’s creativity. Negative criticism should not be considered by the artists and they should just overlook it. Artists should absorb the positive aspects of criticism and forget the negatives ones.