GRE Issue Essay 214

“The well-being of a society is enhanced when many of its people question authority.”

We all live in a society where the authority to run the society is given to some capable hands. It is impossible for all of us to have the authority that is why some representatives chosen by us are given authority to run the social system for us. These people help us to create a better environment for our living. We as citizens have all the rights to question their authority. If we think that certain things are not happening as they should be happening we can question the authority. Although it is the prime responsibility of the people who are given the responsibility to provide us with all the comforts but if we question their authority then these people become more prompt and it certainly enhances the well-being of the society. If we are denied the right to question then this social system would be like monarchy where nobody can question the authority. Therefore, I believe that if we keep exercising our right of questioning the authority it would make the authorities provide us with better facilities.

If a person is not answerable to anybody then in spite of his sincerity he might be negligent in performing his duties. On the contrary if a person is aware of the fact that he is answerable to the public for what ever he does for the society, he would make sure that everything is done properly. Authority and responsibility are the different sides of the same coin. They appear to be different but they are integral parts of each other. Therefore, a person who is given authority has to take the responsibility. It was in the past when there was authoritarian rule like the one of Adolph Hitler but soon people realized the importance of being free and slowly all such practices came to an end. In the present day scenario people are more educated and thus more aware of their rights and they want to question if they are deprived of their rights. The right to question has brought revolution and people have become stronger. Now nobody can make a fool out of them as they know what their rights are.

Although it is the responsibility of the authorities to be answerable to the public but that certainly does not mean that public interferes in all the matters. There are some matters where public interference can not be allowed. There are some decisions that are taken in emergency which are for the betterment of the society and under such circumstances authorities are not answerable to public. If there is too much interference from the society then there can also be delay in important decision making. Such decisions which need immediate attention will take long if there is public intervention.

Therefore, public should question the authorities but public should not prove to be a hindrance in decision making by the authorities. Public should participate but not become an obstacle for the government.