GRE Issue Essay 213

“Most people recognize the benefits of individuality, but the fact is that personal economic success requires conformity.”

We all are born with individual traits and qualities. If we integrate these qualities in the correct direction then there is no denying that we would be able to achieve great heights in life. We all like to go as per the standard norms of the society in all walks of life as it is always a safer way to do things but those who have the courage to be different and unique are always appreciated in life. If we all would have been the same then these developments in various fields would not have been possible. It is our individuality that has made the world progressive and developed in whatever we do. It is also true to an extent that conformity provides an edge of experience to a person but individuality lays the basis for something totally new and different. Therefore, I believe that individuality not only provides a person with economic success but fame and recognition also.

Every individual wants to earn his bread and butter but those who simply do not want to go as per old ways of earning try new ways of doing things. There is a great amount of uncertainty when a person wants to go and do something different from the rest but if he would not dare to take the risk then he would never be able to do what he wants to do. On the contrary, conformity yields almost the same results but those who want to prove that they are better than the rest have to follow the path of individuality. In this world all those who are working with conformity have made their life stagnant. Individuality helps a person to use his creative skills. It is true that in certain fields like law and order and defense forces of a country we need conformity. People in these fields in the same designation are all earning the same amount of money and one knows what amount of money one will get when one reaches some position. Therefore, there is no scope for doing anything different and earning more but at the same time getting a certain amount of pay is guaranteed. In such organizations creativity of a person is not utilized as in these organizations soldiers are bound to abide by the code of conduct. There have been individuals who preferred to be different than the rest and they not only earned money but also fame. One such man is a software engineer Bill Gates whose computer company made him one of the richest men of the world. He believed in doing something different from the rest and achieved remarkable success.

Therefore, although conformity has an edge of experience over individuality but if a person would not dare to be different then development would not be possible. Individuality makes a person stand out from the rest and he can make others follow him. Both conformity and individuality are important in life but it is important to practice each where it is needed and where it is not.