GRE Issue Essay 212

“What society has thought to be its greatest social, political, and individual achievements have often resulted in the greatest discontent.”

An achievement in any field is not possible without the support from society. Society has always acted as a driving force for people to make achievements in various fields. Society has always been benefited from the achievements in any front be it social, political, and individual achievements. It is true that some times some achievements have had fatal results but we can certainly not say that they have often resulted in discontent in society. The discontent can not be entirely blamed on achievements as it entirely depends of humans how they perceive an achievement. Therefore, we can not solely blame achievements for discontentment in the society rather those humans are to be blamed who misuse any achievement.

Every aspect in life can be viewed as correct or incorrect. What might be correct for one person can be incorrect for another. There is nothing wrong in this change in perception as we all humans have a tendency to think differently. There is nothing wrong if humans think differently but perception if led to a wrong direction can certainly prove to be fatal. We all use knife for cutting vegetables but the same knife is used by a killer to stab people. It is not the invention or the inventor of the knife who is wrong but the person who misuses such a remarkable invention. Similarly, when man could make use of nuclear energy it revolutionized the whole scientific world. There were people who misused this greatest invention to create nuclear bombs and weapons. It is certainly not the achievement in the field of science where nuclear energy was developed but the misuse of that energy that brought discontent in the society. Therefore, it is not any achievement that has made the society discontented but the use of that achievement in a wrong way.

Although some achievements might have caused discontentment in the society but there are numerous achievements which have helped society in all the possible ways. One such achievement was in the field of education. All the achievements in this field have made people stand on their feet. It is only through education that different cultures of the world are interacting with each other. Education has made each one of us true human beings as without it we were as good as animals. Achievements in the field of medical science have also helped the society. Our medical science has developed so much that nothing seems to be impossible. We are able to cure the deadliest of diseases. The various medications and operation procedures have helped in increasing the life expectancy of a man.

Therefore, it would not be correct to say that all achievements cause discontentment to the society. All the achievements in various fields are made to help the society but if these achievements are misused then certainly they provide discontentment to the society. It depends on us how we make the best possible use of all the achievements.