GRE Issue Essay 211

“Every new generation needs to redefine ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in its own terms and according to the conditions of its own time.”

Since the advent of human race there has been an ongoing conflict between the ideologies and convictions of younger generations and older generations. Older generations think that they can impart their experience and knowledge that has been acquired over the years to the younger generations. The younger generation on the other hand has its own way of doing and perceiving things. This conflict between the generations has been a never ending phenomenon and I believe that it will always be there from generations to generations as human perception is the same. Nobody understands or learns from the experiences of another person but everyone yearns to know everything themselves in life. I agree that the new generation has all the right to redefine in its own terms and conditions in regard to what is correct and incorrect but at the same time one should not forget or diverge from ones inherent values and beliefs.

This mystery of generation gap is inevitable and no generation has been able to solve this mystery. There has been constant development since the advent of human race. With the technological innovations around every new generation is bound to have new thinking. What was the luxury of the yesteryears, has now become the necessity of the present age. What could not be thought of earlier has been made a reality today. Therefore, it is very natural to have different ways of perceiving every situation and problem. There have been numerous beliefs, dogmas and values of the older generations which have been replaced by new generations. It was not to disrespect the old values but to make way for the new ones. According to an old Indian tradition all married ladies were supposed to keep their face veiled but this practice is now not seen in many villages also. The reason for this was a very particle one. It was impossible for a lady to perform her daily household chores with a covered face and it resulted in many fatal accidents also. So in order to save the ladies from becoming further victims to mishaps this practice was abolished. Again in the older times kings and emperors use to fight massive battles over trivial issues. There used to be loss of hundreds of human lives but then kings and kingdoms were banned. It was for the benefit of the society that such practices were abolished. Therefore, it is important for us to accept new ideas and beliefs.

Although it is important to open doors for new generation but at the same time we should not shun old values and beliefs completely. Old values are the foundations of our humanity, if they are completely forgotten then we would never come to know about our cultures and traditions.

Therefore, it is important to accept new values and beliefs but at the same time we must respect our old values too. Just the way a tree can not survive without its roots, the tree of our new generation can not survive without the roots of the old generations.