GRE Issue Essay 210

“Only through mistakes can there be discovery or progress.”

Practice makes a man perfect and when one practices the chances of making mistakes also rises. Perfection is the result of constant practice and overcoming ones mistakes. I agree that a man is bound to make mistakes and only when mistakes are there one master in that field and discovery or progress is made. Therefore, mistakes are reflection of true endeavors and it certifies genuine efforts. The people who fall in the battle field are the true fighters compared to those who do not have the courage to fight a battle. It does not matter that you made mistakes but what matters is that you conquered your mistakes and came out victorious.

Failure in the true sense is the beginning of a new chapter, a new direction which would show the path of success. Failures have different meanings for different people. For one it can be the end of one path and the opening of another path on the other hand it can be the base for success for another. It is up to a person how his mistakes are viewed. A man learns from his own mistakes and not from others’ mistakes. A child trying to climb a ladder would never agree to an adult’s advice but when he would fall he would learn how to master the skill. Mistakes improve a man’s skills. This theory of making mistakes and mastering them is very apt in the field of science. Scientists keep making mistakes and thus creating new inventions and discoveries. In all electronic fields better and better technology is coming up. It is possible because man is able to recognize his mistakes and ensure that they are not repeated in his further discoveries. Titanic was a gigantic ship made by man and it was believed that it would never sink but on its maiden voyage Titanic sank but that did not dishearten the engineers instead it helped them make better ships than Titanic. All scientific progress has started from failures and then the final outcome has always been fruitful and rewarding.

Although failures and mistakes have resulted in remarkable discoveries and inventions but this certainly does not give man an edge to make mistakes as at times mistakes yield no results but drastic outcome and monetary loss. There is a huge amount of money involved in doing research work and if the efforts are not deliberate then the chances of mistakes increase resulting in huge amount of monetary loss. It is certainly not necessary that discoveries and progress can only be made if there are mistakes but making too many mistakes can affect the productivity of a man. A few discoveries like the discovery of America by Columbus were made without any mistake.

Therefore, failures can result in remarkable discoveries and progress but that certainly does not guarantee that mistakes can be made without any consideration. At times mistakes and failure yield no result.